High Definition Wax

£ 45.50

High Definition Wax is quite simply our finest product.

The result of 40 years of product research and development, this expertly crafted wax is individually filled and inspected before being carefully air cooled ensuring it is suitable for use on the world’s finest vehicles.

High Definition Wax contains a carefully balanced, yet complex blend of polymers, carnauba and microcrystalline waxes.

Treated surfaces display a very high gloss combined with exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants including salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain and industrial fallout. The product is completely free of abrasives, water and emulsifiers.

This complete kit contains 150g High Definition Wax, two High Definition Applicators and a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.

Pro Tip: This easy to use wax should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible. If your wax smears as you buff it off, you have used too much.

If you use High Definition Wax there is no need to use Extra Gloss Protection as well.

How to use


1. Inspect your clean and dry paintwork for light scratches and contamination, treat with Super Resin Polish, Surface Detailing Clay Kit or High Definition Cleanser if required.

2. Apply a light coating of wax to the High Definition Applicator and then apply to the paintwork in a light circular motion until all of the painted surfaces have a thin even layer. Do not apply a thick coat, this not only leads to wasted product but may make the wax difficult to buff later.

3. Do not apply to unpainted rubber or unpainted plastic trim.

4. Leave wax film to dry and cure on the surface for 10 - 15 minutes, then buff to a high gloss, using the supplied Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth, turning the cloth frequently.

5. Wash regularly with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner. This will remove dirt but not the High Definition Wax.

CHIP regulations


Risk phrases: R10: Flammable.

Safety phrases: S24: Avoid contact with skin.

S28: After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.

S16: Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking.

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Used this for the first time today on my Audi A1 and it gleaming gave it that show room shine back highly recommend best product by far



HD wax is a brilliant product! It left my car beautifully gleaming! Don't let the price put you off as only a tiny amount is needed per application. The wax lasts for ages. The application is really simple and it buffs off with the supplied microfibre cloth really easily. This is a perfect product to protect your paintwork, leaving a stunning finish. Really pleased I chose Autoglym HD wax to protect the paintwork on my brand new car! Would highly recommend.

clean audi91

1080p definition

Bought this product from my local stockist for my audi tt and used the garage at work as my work area. It really did'nt take long maybe 20-25 mins to apply and about 10 mins to buff. I thought it looked good under the garage lights but when I pulled it out into the sun I could see why it's called high defination wax. Really made it look like a concours car! Not sure how it will stand up durability wise but we'll see. Worth buying.