Pressure Wash

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A ready to use shampoo, designed for home pressure washers

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Covering your car in a thick blanket of rich foam is really good fun. Simply add to the chemical tank or use your intake hose to mix high powered water with a purpose made detergent that is safe for use on paintwork, plastics, trim and glass.

Pro Tip: Unless your vehicle is very clean the ‘touchless wash’ is a bit of a myth, so once the Pressure Wash has been applied to the vehicle, give it a sponge over as usual to loosen the dirt and allow it to be blasted away during the rinse.

How to use this product

  1. Add neat Pressure Wash to the detergent tank or fit the chemical suction hose and insert it into the container.
  2. Adjust the chemical setting on the machine to minimum for regular cleaning. Increase the dose if your vehicle is very dirty.
  3. Spray the entire vehicle with a covering of Pressure Wash solution. Lightly agitate the paintwork and brush or sponge the wheels.
  4. Rinse the product off from the top down. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.


Q: Can Pressure Wash be used neat or does it need to be diluted?
A: Pressure Wash is ready to use.

Q: Can Pressure Wash be added to the reservoir in my Jet Wash?
A: Yes, Pressure Wash can be added to the reservoir in a Jet Wash.

Q: Is Pressure Wash High Foaming?
A: Pressure Wash will produce some foam however to produce the snow foam effect a snow foam nozzle would need to be used.

Q: Is Pressure Wash a neutral Shampoo?
A: No, Pressure Wash is an Alkaline Shampoo, although completley safe to use.                                                                                            

Safety data sheets

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Pressure Wash

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Pressure Wash Detergent

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