Monday, August 15, 2022
Say Hello To Pure Shampoo

As we now have 3 fantastic shampoos in our range, we decided to simplify the names to make things easier for you.

From today, Bodywork Shampoo is now called Pure Shampoo.

Pure Shampoo is a high foaming, pH neutral, ‘pure’ shampoo that cleans the car extremely well, but doesn’t do anything else. It leaves no film behind, nor does it have any other additives. It was designed for those who just want a solid clean, with no extra bells and whistles. It lets your existing layers of wax or sealant do the beading. The foaming capabilities of the shampoo were increased beyond Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, as our research showed that some customers prefer their shampoo foamy. Being a pH neutral formulation, it is wax safe.

It is the same great shampoo it always was, albeit with a shiny new name. You can pick up a bottle from your local stockist, or direct from us here.

If you fancy something a bit different take a look at the rest of our shampoo line up.

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