Friday, December 3, 2021
Autoglym Product Ambassadors – WE NEED YOU!

Do you have the kind of car that makes showgoers and magazine editors drool with desire? Do you own the sort of ride that can break the internet with a single tweet? Or perhaps your driveway boasts a motor so photogenic, you can melt Instagram’s servers with a mere tap of your phone screen? If any of this sounds familiar, and most important of all, you love to detail, prep and preen your car like it’s a member of your own family, then we want to hear from you!

For the 2017 show season we are assembling a group of devoted car enthusiasts that own finely fettled, magazine-quality rides and want to make them look even better using our very latest products. We’re looking for the best vehicles out there – and the ambassadors who have the best social media reach to show our combined skills to the world…

So what’s in it for you? Well, apart from access to our newest, shiniest products, FREE OF CHARGE! – A hotline to our experts and boffins to help you out, and sneak previews to our next ‘big things’, of course. You’ll already know your Super Resin from your Scratch Remover, so that’s all sorted, but having sneaky access to our unreleased, prototype products BEFORE they hit the market will give you a forum kudos that can’t be measured by mere mortals alone. At the start of show season, we’ll also equip you with a kit bag that would keep a BTCC team happy. What we ask in return is for you to be the last word in conspicuous consumption – lathering us all over your car – before lathering the results all over the internet.

What you need to bring to the party…

  • A show quality, magazine quality car, van or truck
  • A deep understanding of social media, with significant followers across a variety of platforms, whether they be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Drivetribe or Pinterest. Pics AND Video, you say? You just went to the front of the queue…
  • A show diary that looks like a magazine’s ‘Events’ pages
  • An angle or attitude that we can get excited about
  • Most importantly of all, a desire to work with the best detailing products to make your pride and joy absolutely perfect

What we’ll do in return

  • Equip you with everything you need, kit wise, from our fabulous 2017 product range, completely free of charge, dropped in one gorgeous bundle, at the start of the season
  • Be there with any help or advice you might need
  • Invite you to exclusive APA events for sneak peaks, factory tours and the chance to work with our professionals for the day, learning our trade secrets. This is a ‘money can’t buy’ opportunity
  • Give you exclusive opportunities to trial new products as part of our beta testing team before they even go on general sale!
  • Showcase your results on OUR social media sites and blog

Excited much? We hope so, as joining this team is literally a prize that money can’t buy. It’s all about the quality of your ride – and the quantity of your fans. If you feel you have both in abundance, we REALLY want to talk to you.

Enter your details here and we will be in touch


  • Sam Baker 13th May 2017 12:51 pm

    Filled out my application and noticed there wasn’t anywhere for contact email? But mine was for the modified fiesta ST. Thanks for the opportunity guys look forward to hearing back from you!

  • cheap psychic readings 22nd May 2017 4:51 pm

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