Thursday, February 25, 2021
Rapid Aqua Wax – An Appreciation

One of the ‘work horses’ of the Autoglym range, it’s all too easy to take Rapid Aqua Wax and its myriad capabilities for granted – hence why we’ve opted to throw the spotlight on it

Rapid Aqua Wax has been a stalwart of the Autoglym range for years now, a trusty product that’s proved its worth time after time, wash after wash and year after year. It’s a superb tool to have at your disposal and one which can make a massive difference to the way your car looks within moments. This might not exactly be the most staggering of information to the thousands of you using it on a weekly basis, but is something we feel is worth looking at in greater detail, if only as we’re rather proud of Rapid Aqua Wax and its versatile nature.

Rapid Aqua Wax is a wonderfully versatile product – the first line of defence when it comes to driveway detailing!

Fast Acting

One of the principle reasons for Rapid Aqua Wax’s immense success is the manner in which it gets to work – fast! Not only is it quick to work, Rapid Aqua Wax stands apart in being perfectly safe to use on a still wet car, meaning it can be applied straight after you’ve washed it, whereupon it dries to form a hard wax finish that’s as good to look at as it is effective at protecting your paintwork. The reason for Rapid Aqua Wax being so, well, rapid, is down to its unique formulation, one which features a specially created carnauba wax formulation, something of highly prized Autoglym secret. Like KFC’s unique blend of herbs and spices or the Coca Cola recipe, but less tasty and a far more welcome addition to your paint!

A product of many talents, Rapid Aqua Wax is easy to use and hugely effective


It might be fast to get to work but Rapid Aqua Wax is also incredibly versatile, a product both of its special formulation and our decades of experience in the field. It’s a product which is 100% safe to use on the vast majority of commonly encountered exterior materials, including paint, plastic, rubber and glass, and even alloy wheels. There’s more; Rapid Aqua Wax was developed to work in harmony with the majority of other Autoglym offerings, including High Definition Wax (you can use it as a top-up between applications), Super Resin Polish (it restores shine) and Extra Gloss Protection (it sits on-top of any preexisting layer).

An award winning product that’s proved its worth over many years, Rapid Aqua Wax is the perfect standby and one well worth keeping in your car at all times

Easy To Use

In line with many of the most popular offerings within our range, Rapid Aqua Wax couldn’t be simpler to use, hence why it’s often one of the first Autoglym products bought by those still finding their feet in the world of detailing. It should always be applied straight after washing the car in question, while the vehicle itself is still wet. Rapid Aqua Wax is at its most effective when applied sparingly, with 2-3 sprays per panel usually more than adequate – unless you happen to be cleaning something massive like a Rolls Royce Phantom or Maybach of course! Use a clean microfibre cloth to spread Rapid Aqua Wax evenly over the surface of the panel in question, before buffing to a shine with a second clean, dry microfibre cloth. You can then stand back to admire your work, almost certainly mere minutes after having first begun – it’s that quick to work!

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