Friday, December 3, 2021
Top-five summer cleaning hacks for show season shine

As any ardent detailing devotee will tell you, defence is typically the best form of offence. By preventing environmental contaminants from attacking your paintwork in the first place, you can net great results towards concours show car shine without spending a fortune on ultra high-end sealants, or devoting an entire day of your hard earned social life to the process.  Here’s our top-five Autoglym products to keep your machine mint as the temperature soars this summertime.

Don’t forget, first and foremost, clean water, clean sponges and clean microfibre cloths will always result in scratch-free paintwork, so keep all of the items that touch your paint as free from grit and debris as humanly possible.  Follow the simple two-bucket wash and rinse water method to keep your mitt clean and why not throw a couple of grit guards in there as well to subdue any nasty dirt and detritus that might cause swirl marks or easily scratch your finish.

Anyway, without further ado here’s our top five products for funky summer freshness and easy-peasy polished perfection.

Polar Blast

Polar Blast – Only few are aware that Polar Blast is our brand new pre-wash foam that can be applied with a pressure washer foam lance to stubborn, ingrained dirt and debris to loosen its grip on the surface. As the perfect precursor to a wash routine, it reduces the risk of scratches and swirls by covering the vehicle in a spectacular rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork to gently loosen and lift dirt and heavy soiling prior to shampooing. Best of all, if your car is only lightly dirty, Polar Blast can replace the shampoo stage altogether!  Simply load it up at the prescribed ratio into your snow foam lance, fire at your loved one and then allow to dwell and drip clear, without letting it dry onto your paintwork, especially if your paintwork is hot.

Reduce swirls, save time, have more fun and make washday a real pleasure.

Active Insect Remover

Active insect remover – Even after the pre-wash and shampooing stage, sometimes those pesky little critters still remain steadfastly in place, generally all over your front bumper. Despite losing most of their anatomy through their bums, insects remain a persistent pest to all car-cleaning gurus out there.  This simple spray on, agitate and then rinse off after 30 seconds product, not only smells amazing, but also delivers effortless critter removal with almost zero elbow grease.  If ever there were an award for best car cleaning fragrance – this citrus masterpiece would certainly be in the running! Don’t allow an entomology collection to accumulate on your front end and potentially tarnish your paint as it bakes in the beating sun, beat them at their own game and banish those balmy beasties.  Oh, did we mention it smells like your favourite citrus fruit as well? Go on, have a zest for life and beat those airborne nasties with ease.

Bird Dropping Wipes

Bird dropping wipes – Keep these magic cotton wipes handy in your car until the airborne anarchists decide to leave a little present on your immaculate paintwork, and then you’ll be well placed to prevent any perfectly placed pellets from eating into your pride and joy. These single use wipes allow you to vamoose any nasty little presents from low altitude target practice with a mere swipe from a well-placed hand.  Don’t let the acids and limes in the berries, seeds and fruits that many of our avian friends peck away on rest, what’s sitting on your paintwork can soon start to eat through the surface lacquer and into the finish itself. If left for too long, what was once a temporary eyesore can become a permanent blemish that’s always there to mar your paintwork.

The specially formulated cleaning compound soaks and softens even the hardest of deposits. With the harmful acids and limes removed, you can relax knowing that your car’s surfaces will remain untouched and unblemished.


Magma – No, not just one of Dr Evil’s best lines from Austin Powers, but actually an industrial fallout remover that reacts and changes colour upon making contact with troublesome metal particles that have adhered to your vehicle’s paintwork.  Fallout – it’s all around us, it’s naturally in the atmosphere and decontaminating your paint of it is now considered a vital part of the cleaning process.  Magma is particularly useful on wheels where accumulated brake dust and iron deposits can easily amass, particularly under heavy braking duty, or on performance cars with harsh compound brake pad.

It’s a spray on, agitate and hose off product that will change colour before your very eyes as it reacts with iron or iron-ore particles. Fallout lands on your car’s paintwork and often manifests itself as small (yet unsightly) black or orange specs, and they’re at their most obvious on white, grey or light paintwork hues.

Faster and much more visual that using the labour intensive clay bar process, Magma offers a time-conscious solution to detailers and home enthusiasts who want to keep their cars looking speck free.


Ultra High Definition Wax – Fancy a deep lustre that really ‘pops’?  Want to unlock your latent inner buff daddy? Then look no further than UHD Wax. When you’ve already developed and refined an unparalleled product in the form of High Definition Wax, why not make it even better with this UHD Wax and its carefully optimised carnauba content? That’s exactly what our molecular wizards at Autoglym have done here – take a good thing and make it even better.

Applying and removing is even easier than before thanks to the ergonomic wax applicator that comes with the kit, so as a final stage product to really lock in your shine and lock out any nasty contaminants, once you’ve applied and buffed off a coat of our Super Resin Polish, it’s hard to beat the Autoglym UHD wax.  It’s easy to forget to seal your paintwork once you’ve polished it, but UHD makes it so easy you’d be mad not to give it a go. If you desire extra shine, more detail, depth and protection, UHD Wax really is a no-brainer.


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