Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Autoglym Winter Prep blog

As the autumnal nights slowly draw in and winter starts to take a grip over the temperature, you can already sense that the weather is on the turn. Before it gets too bad, why not treat your vehicle to the ultimate cleanse, polish and protect programme to give it the protection it needs to fend off the worst that the coming season can throw at it.


As always, the best plan of action is to start with a grime and contaminant free paint finish, that way you won’t scratch or mar your lacquer or basecoat. Detoxing and removal of all loose surface dirt, fall out and metal particles that might have adhered to the paint is the first part of the equation. Using a handful of select Autoglym products, it’s entirely possible to achieve a perfect finish at home, so here’s our quick guide to the top six pre winter detox and protection products to use in order to achieve a lasting finish that can fend off the worst the winter has to throw at it. While they won’t stop your car getting dirty if you drive it everyday through the very worst conditions, you can be assured that there’s a layer of protection on your paint that makes the eventual clean up that much easier, not to mention a much safer prospect. Don’t scratch and gouge, preen and pamper with the right products and lots of spotless microfibre cloths. Your paintwork will thank you for it in the long run and your car will look perfectly factory fresh after a day spent with a buff daddy (or mummy!).

The products to protect your paintwork

Polar blast Snow Foam

A snow foam or pre cleaner with serious staying power, Polar Blast can be diluted at a ratio of 1:5 for excellent hang time and brilliant cleaning power. Apply from the bottom up, using a jet wash and allow to cling for as long as possible as it loosens & lifts the dirt from your paintwork. The key to a mar free finish is to have as little contact with dirty bodywork as possible until absolutely necessary.


Custom Wheel cleaner

Easily applied with a fantastic foaming action and worked in using a soft hair brush, Custom Wheel cleaner produces a foam that attacks brake dust and any other nasty contaminants that might have adhered themselves to your beloved hoops. Rinse it off after you’ve agitated it with a soft-hair brush to reveal a spotless finish. It smells amazing, gets to work instantly and is simplicity itself to use.


UHD shampoo

Don’t forget to load up two buckets before you go at a hand washing process and always make sure your wash mitt is meticulously spotless as well. UHD is the latest line of luxurious pampering products from Autoglym and they promise to deliver a sensory experience, with easy glide on, glide off action, while emitting moreish fragrances and leaving a silky smooth, high gloss finish. The pH neutral formula of UHD Shampoo ensures it won’t strip any existing wax and will leave behind a super sleek and shiny surface, ready for phases 4 to 6.



Now it’s time to go the extra mile and get rid of those teeny, tiny, little bumps of contamination on your paintwork and wheels. If you sheath your fingers in a very thin plastic and lightly run them along the paintwork you’ll feel this stuff. These bumps will hamper light refraction, dampening the clarity of reflection and ultimately lowering the potential ‘depth of shine’ that you can achieve. Your car is like a big magnet for this iron fallout contamination, airborne particles from railways and factories. It’s pretty good at hiding, but Magma exposes it. Simply spray this on and the pH neutral formulation attacks the iron fallout, leaving bright red streaks as it begins to corrode. This colour transformation signals that it is time to agitate and rinse off. Run your fingers over the paintwork again following this process and it will feel like glass. If you still feel some bumps, you could opt for Clay Detailing Complete Kit, or use it as an alternative for Magma all together. This will mean that your contamination was more tree sap/tar spot based, claying takes a little longer than Magma, but will remove ALL contamination.


Super Resin Polish

This is where the real work starts. Once you’ve dried and ensured your paintwork is lovely and contaminant free, it’s time to start polishing the paint to ensure the lacquer or basecoat has a perfect surface that can be sealed during the final part of the process. Try not to apply any polish in direct sunlight and always do a panel at a time, allowing to dry to a haze before buffing off with a clean microfibre. A good polishing stage will prepare your paintwork for the final coat of sealant to ensure maximum protection over the winter period. The most important thing to remember at this point is if any dirt works its way onto the cloth then constantly rubbing over your paint may in fact do more harm than good. Cleanliness really is key before your final protection stage



The final part of this uber-clean, pamper and protect regime is left to the star of the Ultra High Definition range – UHD Wax. Our finest blend, comprising nature’s favourite hydrophobe, Carnauba, this is the product that provides the ultimate depth of shine. It’s a luxurious wax that can impart staggering levels of gloss, locking shine in and dirt out. Sealing and protecting your perfectly pampered paintwork has never been easier than with UHD Wax. Not only does it smell delicious, the results truly speak for themselves. If a flawless finish is your fantasy and you’ve an obsession for taking the look of your vehicle to that ‘next level’, then UHD Wax holds the key to that wet, super reflective look we all crave after a hard day of wax on, wax off labour.

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