Wednesday, May 18, 2022
New Year’s Resolutions Are Overrated!

Retired your New Year’s resolution ambitions already? Fret not, for now the pressure of Dry January, Veganuary and the like is off and you can make life better via the all-consuming power of car cleaning.


Why set a resolution that can’t be kept anyway? Keep things simple. Make your number one resolution something that makes both you and your car happier each and every week.  By cleaning your car properly on a regular basis it’s possible to drastically reduce the chances of scratching your paintwork, marring the lacquer, or even allowing the chemicals in bird droppings and industrial fallouts from really bedding in and causing damage to the finish of one’s vehicle.   Alternatively, you could always visit one of those Gymnasium’s, as we believe they might be called, but where’s the fun in that?

A simple, weekly pressure washer Polar Blast could be all that’s required to keep on top of the grime that easily collects at this time of year. If you want to take things a stage further, it’s entirely possible to wash and wax in record time thanks to Autoglym’s new Polar Series. Pre-wash with Polar Blast, wash with Polar Wash, and finally protect with Polar Seal. So, you may be asking, how can you tell if your car’s paintwork already has wax or protection on it?  Simply spray water on to any panel, particularly onto a bonnet, and if the water sheets off without beading, it’s safe to assume there’s no protection already in place. We’ll come back to that in a moment – first, the wash process.

Even following a week of battling the UK road network at this moment in time (the heart of a UK winter) it’s surprising how much dirt can collect in muddy, wet, often sub-zero conditions.  If a New Year’s resolution of, “I must keep my car clean” is on anyone’s to do list, here’s how to achieve it both quickly and with minimal effort.


If you’re limited for time, why not chose this simple 20-minute pre-wash, wash and protect regime. A pressure washer, ideally with a foam gun attachment, allows for Polar Blast snow foam to be loaded on to your vehicle, and will get to work dragging and loosening the majority of the stubborn dirt from any paint finish.

Follow this up with a dose of Polar Wash, also applied with your pressure washer. Using this safe but powerful shampoo and a wash mitt will remove any particularly stubborn deposits without dragging those larger bits over your bodywork. The larger particles are hoovered up by the pre-wash, reducing any potential to cause swirl marks when you’re agitating in the wash phase.  Hose off the remaining suds and then as the panels are still wet you can use your pressure washer again to spray on Polar Seal and rinse off, before drying. Hey presto! Your car will be looking as good as new and your panels will be protected with beading ability par excellence for up to three months.

The New Year, New You campaign might seem like a million miles away and totally unachievable, but you can achieve some absolutely sparkling results without having to invest hours and hours of elbow grease. Some may even say that a regular car washing routine counts as valuable exercise, so it’s entirely possible to kill two birds with one stone with Autoglym’s New Year’s resolution. Once you get into a Polar regime, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can work off those stubborn Christmas excesses before the Spring arrives.

Keep those harsh road conditions at bay, keep on top of the unsightly grime and ensure that your car is in tip top condition with a true sense of pride in its appearance.


Have no fear that you’ll compromise existing products either, Polar Seal tops up any current protection and enhances both the glossiness and water beading ability of any wax that’s already in place.  All that remains is to wait for it to rain so you can stand back and admire your surprisingly labour free Polar Programme.  Same time next week, yes?

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