Monday, December 6, 2021
Top Dragon Slaying Products for St George’s Day


St. George’s Day is fast approaching, so we put our heads together and thought what Autoglym products would be useful to St. George on his dragon slaying quest…

Metal Polish

No Self respecting knight would ever think about going into battle without the shiniest armour possible. Fighting dragons is dirty work and metal plates will soon become dull and tarnished. Metal Polish will cut through that grime so he’ll look fresh for the princess.

Leather Cleaner 

It is all very well St. George looking good, but what about his trusty steed! We don’t have a horse shampoo, but we can make sure that the saddle is clean with our easy to use Leather Cleaner. You can keep your own in car saddle (AKA ‘Seat’) looking fresh too.
(Note: we have to point out that our leather products are for use on cars only, but we wanted to include it in our list, so just go with it).

Ultra High Definition Wax

When you are dragon slaying you need to use every trick in the book. If you wax your shield with our super glossy, reflective wax you can dazzle your dragon and gain precious seconds to strike! UHD Wax is best suited for vehicle paintwork, but every little helps in the fight of your life!

Interior Shampoo

Picture this, you’ve just had the hardest fight of your life and now you have to go on a date. You’re looking good, armour shining, shield gleaming, but wait! Your once pristine tunic is now splattered with dragon guts! You need a quick clean and this is the product to do it. Interior Shampoo is also suitable for all vehicle interior cleaning tasks, not just mythical beast blood.

So there you have it, our top recommended products for the discerning knight about town with a dragon to slay and a someone to rescue. Happy St. George’s Day. 

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