Sunday, September 24, 2023
This is Handy – Our new 100ml Hand Sanitiser

As the world rightly wonders how to keep itself safe from bacteria and viruses of all sorts at the moment, our talented R&D boffins have been turning their attention away from various wonderful methods to keep your car clean and instead, have turned their capable chemical cunning towards an even more worthy cause; killing germs and zapping bacteria.

To that end, we’re very proud to announce that we have launched a truly effective Hand Sanitiser, presented in a handy 100ml bottle that’s perfect for your car, office or home. It’s perfect anywhere, basically…

Using a World Health Organisation (WHO) approved formulation that’s been thoroughly tested, our white coated genii signed off on a brand-new Hand Sanitiser that benefits from an 80% alcohol mix to stop almost all known germs and bacteria in their tracks, in an easy to use and easy to apply hand rub. We don’t want to bore you with the science or anything, but basically, research has shown that 80% seems to be the sweet spot where bad things happen to bad germs. Serves them right, we say!

Keen to give something back to both the local community – and the larger car community in general, We’ve also taken what we feel is the essential step of giving away 20,000 units to local health body, the Hertfordshire Volunteering Service, to make sure this product can be shared, at no charge, with local health charities. Our very own star of YouTube, Mark, has even been around and about delivering them as part of his crazy schedule. Fully socially distanced, of course, making sure that our local frontline keyworkers have a little extra protection as they keep the rest of the country safe.

As our CEO, Paul Caller, put it; ‘As a company that always tries to give something back to our local community, we knew that the moment we created our new hand sanitiser, we’d want to make sure that those in the frontline were the very first to be protected. We’ve allocated 20,000 to local frontline carers and it’s a real privilege to be able to play a tiny part in keeping carers and patients safe during this difficult time.’


But what about you guys? Well, we want to do something for you, too! Again, the big chief has insisted that EVERY single order taken on the website throughout May will include a FREE bottle, irrespective of order size, so that all you detailing enthusiasts can also keep yourselves safe, at no extra cost.

Many motorists already know that outside of their vehicle, it’s incredibly easy to pick up germs and bacteria – and then transfer these to the many exterior and interior touch points all around the car. Once inside the vehicle, a few seconds spent with this hand rub, soon eradicates the problem, meaning anything you then touch will then be with clean, sterilised hands. A small win, but an important one as we all learn to control the spread of the current virus, and going forward, perhaps learn to live in a world where keeping our hands clean and germ-free will always be a significant factor.

Simply rubbed over the hands until dry, our neat, new Hand Sanitiser is a simple solution that can be taken anywhere, thanks to its compact size.

Protect you, your loved ones – and your car. (That’s a loved one though, right?). If you’d just like to buy one, they’re £3.99 from us – and all good online retailers. Get one for your glovebox today!