Thursday, December 8, 2022
Lockdown 3.0 – Clean in 15

A winter lockdown needn’t mean that we can’t brave the cold in short bursts and treat our car to some Autoglym TLC.

The national instruction is to #StayAtHome and stay safe – a restriction that doesn’t seem quite so hard when it’s the middle of winter and our natural inclination is to stay indoors and keep warm. But there are occasions when it is necessary to escape outside into the fresh air, whether for essential groceries or to enjoy some one-on-one bonding time with your car on the driveway.

However, winter has a tendency to conspire against us; often quite literally freezing us out of our cars. But no four-wheeled ice cube is a match for Autoglym De-Icer spray, which takes the effort and numb fingers out of manual ice-clearing by swiftly melting through frozen windows and freeing windscreen wipers, door seals and locks without fear of them immediately freezing up once again.

The de-icer’s super-concentrated, water-free formula will not harm any vehicle surface, so you’re free to get trigger-happy creating more than just a tiny porthole to peer through until the car warms up. All you’ve got to do is remember to think ahead by keeping the product at home and not leave it in the car!

While starting any journey with a clear windscreen is legal requirement, keeping it clean and clear on a winter drive is another thing entirely. Many of us will have been in the situation where we’ve tried to activate our car’s windscreen washers only to hear the whirr of the pump fighting against a frozen washer jet. And as the windscreen becomes dangerously opaque we’re left wondering why we didn’t just keep the reservoir filled with Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash because its highly concentrated formula can stay liquid at temperatures that would make a Siberian shiver.

Although partly designed with winter in mind, Ultimate Screenwash is exactly that – the ultimate windscreen and headlight washer of its kind and adaptable for all driving conditions. So whether you want to clear baked-on insects in the summer or salty smears in the winter, this fluid can be diluted to suit. And it’s just as quick to brew and administer as your mid-morning coffee.

Having collected your essential goods and returned the car to the driveway, attention can now be turned to restoring its pristine appearance. Given the keep-your-distance circumstances we’re currently experiencing, there is an undeniable parallel in the methodology behind Autoglym’s Polar Series products, which are designed to speed up the car-cleaning process by letting the pH neutral chemicals do most of the hard work and minimise the risk of us unintentionally contaminating the precious surface finish with swirls and scratches.

These products can now be trialled in a beautiful new Polar Collection pack that allows you to ‘test-drive’ the innovative and highly effective pre-wash, wash and protect sequence before buying the full-size bottles.





Each Polar Series product has been developed to do its job within just 15 minutes, but that is more than enough time to enjoy the cathartic pleasure of obliterating your car with snow foam from a pressure washer. And for the best winter wonderland experience, we recommend attaching Autoglym’s Polar Blaster foam gun as it will create the correct coverage and consistency for each product, from a thick, clingy foam to a free-flowing hydrophobic coating.

About now you’ll probably be thinking of taking another quick coffee break, but why not use that downtime to contemplate the next couple of 15-minute jobs. Can we suggest tackling the interior. After all, why should the paintwork get all the attention? And besides, a winter lockdown is an ideal time to cleanse the inside of your car from all the dirt, sweat and unpleasant oily contaminants that have accumulated over the summer. Ewww…

Following a thorough vacuum, a bottle of Interior Shampoo is your one-stop product for all interior surfaces from headlining to carpet mats. Hard surfaces require nothing more than a spray on, wipe off action, while fabrics need to be gently agitated to release trapped dirt. But within no time that dubious mottling on the seat squab will be gone, leaving nothing but clean cloth and a fresh fragrance upon which to perch yourself.

Having practiced the spray on, wipe off routine, you can perfect the action with a couple of passes of Fast Glass on the windows – inside and out. Though tough enough to cut through road dirt and avian fallout, there are no abrasives, waxes or silicones in the formula, which means it won’t leave any residue on the glass. So this is another grab-and-go product that will help you tackle another job as quickly as an SAS unit in enemy territory.

Before closing the door on your car-cleaning efforts for the day, let us pass on a tip from our professional detailers.  A quick spritz of Vinyl & Rubber Care over the rubber door seals will prevent them from sticking in freezing weather. This product will also restore and protect faded plastic and rubber surfaces and beautify a freshly washed engine bay. But maybe those 15-minute jobs are best left for the following weekend. A new box set is calling.

Autoglym may not be able to anything about the outside temperature but by choosing the correct car-care products, a winter lockdown needn’t mean that we have to get cold or wet keeping our car clean and ready for action.

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