Monday, June 5, 2023
Meet… Josh Groves – Autoglym Franchisee

Autoglym Sales Specialist Josh Groves has worked with Autoglym since 2004. Learning his craft working alongside another Autoglym franchise owner, Josh took the plunge and established his own area 18 months later. Trading as Heath Products Ltd, the franchise covers Hertfordshire, Essex and a part of Bedfordshire from their Bishops Stortford base. With plenty of distance to cover, the three-person strong team operate two mobile showrooms, both of which are always on duty.

You may think that every day is similar for Josh and his team, but he insists this is not the case – it is variety that spurs him on. “Each day is never the same out on the road in the vans. At the start of the day I want both sales vans looking good and fully stocked. When we meet people through the day I want them to feel confident in us and see this is more than just a job to us.”

That attitude has served Josh well and he still enjoys representing Autoglym to this day. “Autoglym is a premium, trusted product and I believe it is the best in the market.”

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
My favourite Autoglym product is Shampoo Conditioner, I have used it on every car and van I have owned.

What is your favourite car?
As a young boy there was a neighbour just down the road with a car I would always stare at as he drove past. It was a Jensen Interceptor.

What are your hobbies or interests?
My main interest when it’s windy is to go windsurfing, I have always wanted to go to Maui in Hawaii to windsurf but have never made it (yet!). I also enjoy snowboarding in the winter.

If you are based in Hertfordshire, Essex or Bedfordshire area and would like to get in contact with Josh and the Heath Products team for your Autoglym product needs, contact the team on  07890 984956 or email

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