Friday, December 1, 2023
What is the difference between Rapid Ceramic Spray and Rapid Aqua Wax?

We get a lot of questions asking what is the difference between Rapid Ceramic Spray and Rapid Aqua Wax. Both are excellent products and have their fair share of fans, but which one is best for you? In this blog post we are going to answer that very question so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. We’ll start off with a brief look at each product.

Rapid Ceramic Spray
Rapid Ceramic Spray is a quick and easy way to add protection to vehicle paintwork. It is a spray on-buff off product that can be used on wet or dry paintwork. Rapid Ceramic Spray provides a deep gloss finish and up to 3 months of protection. The coating provides very good detergent resistance due to the synthetic polymer technology used; this also increases the depth of colour observed on paintwork following use. The synthetic coating is highly hydrophobic, offering fantastic beading and water repellency. It has a tropical scent.

Rapid Aqua Wax
Rapid Aqua Wax is a quick and easy way to add protection to a whole vehicle. It can be applied to any hard exterior surface, including paintwork, glass, plastic and rubber. Rapid Aqua Wax should be applied to wet surfaces only, ideally after the vehicle has been washed and rinsed. Spray on, spread with a microfibre, and then buff to a gloss with a second microfibre. It is not suitable for use on dry surfaces. Rapid Aqua Wax is a carnauba wax emulsion and provides around 4 weeks of protection. It smells of bananas.

So both are a quick and easy to use, spray on and buff off products – but there are key differences. Rapid Aqua Wax is very versatile as it can be used on any wet, hard exterior surface. Rapid Ceramic Spray is for paintwork only, but it can be used wet or dry. Rapid Ceramic Spray wins when it comes to durability, with an impressive 3 month protection window achievable on well prepared paint, but Rapid Aqua Wax is a little easier to use.

The key differences are in the table below

Which one you choose is up to you, both are very good and you will not be disappointed by either. We hope this post has helped you choose, or you could carry out your own tests and get both!

Rapid Ceramic Spray and Rapid Aqua Wax are available from leading automotive retailers, the Autoglym Franchise Network or