Monday, June 5, 2023
Meet… Andy Richardson – Autoglym Franchisee

Andy Richardson is the Autoglym franchise owner at Don Richardson Ltd, which was originally started by his father in 1967. Andy has been involved with Autoglym in one way or another for over 30 years. What has kept him there so long? Ask Andy and he will tell you it is because of the quality of the Autoglym products and the professionalism of the people who work within the business.

The franchise is one of the larger within the Autoglym network with 10 Sales Specialists and a fleet of 10 vehicles which are fitted out according to their function. Some are mobile showrooms, some dedicated delivery vehicles and others for demonstrating products to new customers.

Why so many vehicles? Well with North West of England and North Wales to cover you need to be able to service a large area. The franchise area includes North Staffordshire in the South, Anglesey in the West, South Lake District in the North and across to The Pennines in the East. Of course this incorporates the major conurbations of Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

A firm believer in offering excellent products and service at an excellent price, Andy and the team relish the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the Autoglym range, and showcase the fantastic results and cost savings achieved compared to other chemical suppliers.

Quick Fire Questions:
What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
My favourite Autoglym product is Radiant Wax Polish. Because whatever paint type a vehicle has it always leaves a great finish.

What is your favourite car?
My favourite car is the iconic Porsche 911.

What are your hobbies or interests?
Football, golf and travelling. I still play football two to three times a week, I also attend all Man City home games (Pre-lockdown). I enjoy playing golf when time allows. I like to travel as much as I can whilst also running the business!

If you are based in the North West of England or North Wales  area and would like to get in contact with Andy and the team for your Autoglym product needs, contact the team on  01606 837157 or email

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The Sales Specialist Team at Don Richardson Ltd