Saturday, March 25, 2023
Clean Wheels – How to keep your wheels gleaming in the winter months

Our School of Car Care campaign aims to bring you the very best insight, advice, and product guides to help you keep your car in tip top condition this winter.

Here, our resident expert, Martin, from Autoglym’s TSS training team, looks at Autoglym’s Clean Wheels, one of our best-selling products. Its powerful, fact-acting formula cuts right through corrosive brake dust and road grime in seconds, leaving your alloys looking like new. Though it can be used any time of the year, it’s especially useful in winter, when mud, dirt and water on the roads are common.

And best of all its simple and quick to use, meaning minimum effort, and maximum return!

Remember, Clean Wheels isn’t suitable for Chrome wheels or certain sensitive alloys, so always check the label first.

Step 1

It’s one of our easier products to use. Simply spray directly onto cold wheels, working from the bottom up, allowing the formula to dwell. You can also apply it to your tyres, as it will clean these up nicely too.

Step 2

Work the formula into the wheels using a brush until all the dirt is removed. The brush will allow you to agitate every part of your wheels easily, from slender spokes and tight corners to the wheel face, wheel nuts and tyres ensuring a gleaming finish.

Step 3

When you’re done, simply rinse thoroughly before moving onto your next wheel. If you’ve got particularly dirty wheels, you will need to repeat the process, treating the first stage as an initial clean.

The end result?

Beautifully clean as-new alloys that will be the envy of your colleagues and neighbours!

Pro tip:

Add a coat of protective wax or ceramic spray to your alloys to make future cleaning easier and dress the tyres for the ultimate finish!