Saturday, September 23, 2023
Clay Detailing Complete Kit – Effectively remove surface contaminants from your paintwork

Our School of Car Care campaign aims to bring you the very best insight, advice and product guides to help you keep your car in tip top condition this winter.

Here, our resident car care expert, Martin, from Autoglym’s TSS training team, looks at Autoglym’s Clay Detailing Kit; an essential for anyone serious about keeping their car looking great in winter.

It is designed to remove all the surface contaminants from paintwork, such as embedded road grime, tar and tree sap, which cannot be removed with shampoo. The clay works by removing the microscopic particles and pulling them free from the paint surface, leaving an ultra-smooth finish in preparation for polishing.

Step 1

To prep, wash your car with Autoglym’s Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and dry. For best results use Intensive Tar Remover to remove stubborn tar spots, oil and fuel stains, from the bottom of the vehicle too. Then, break off a small piece of clay and knead and flatten it into the size of a large coin.

Step 2

Ensure the vehicle is cool, and spray a generous amount of Rapid Detailer onto a small area of paintwork.


Step 3

Glide the flattened clay lightly over the surface in straight lines. If it starts to get dirty simply fold it over and flatten it out again.


Step 4

Once the area feels smooth to the touch, wipe away any of the excess Rapid Detailer with the microfibre cloth and repeat the process on a new area, overlapping slightly with the previous section.


The end result?

Smooth, gleaming, silky-smooth paintwork and a car that any proud owner would be proud of.

Pro tip:

When working the clay into your paintwork, make sure to keep checking it to ensure it hasn’t held onto any large debris which could scratch the surface of your car. If you drop the clay never attempt to reuse it. It must be discarded and a new piece used.