Monday, May 29, 2023
UHD Shampoo Wins Award

We are rather proud to announce that Ultra High Definition Shampoo has won an award from three chaps called Adam, Jake and Richard who produce a very popular detailing podcast called Speed 6 Podcast. You may be thinking “I’ve never heard of the Speed 6 podcast, is it any good?” Well it is the #1 detailing podcast in the UK, in the top 5% of all podcasts globally and #23 automotive podcast in the UK – so they are doing something right! At the end of the 2021 they took a look back at the favourite products and dished out some awards.

Among the products selected, they chose Autoglym Ultra High Definition Shampoo. The UHD line is our premium line and all the UHD products offer a multi-sensory experience. In the case of UHD Shampoo it smells amazing, it has thick luxurious bubbles that give a real slickness to the shampoo and allows the wash mitt to glide over the surface. The foam is also extremely stable and does not die down in the bucket and lasts the whole wash. As you would expect from an Autoglym shampoo, it also cleans extremely well.

All this was not lost on the hosts who praised the premium product saying:

Definitely my overall product of the year, just for pure enjoyment, Autoglym UHD shampoo – Richard Wesson

It’s beautiful – Adam Jones

It is a good shampoo, there’s not many shampoos out there that wow you – Richard Wesson

It more than wowed us – Jake Lynch

If you did blind testing for people… you put UHD Shampoo in their bucket and they used it, I guarantee they says it’s their favourite shampoo – Richard Wesson

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