Monday, May 29, 2023
Faster than a shampoo, more thorough than a detailing spray

So you’ve just completed the weekend wash routine and you decide to take a moment to stand there, arms crossed, and gaze at the car’s pristine, freshly washed bodywork. You have every right to feel satisfied in a job well done. But how long does that finish last? Typically, not even long enough to see the car through to its next regular wash.

What do you do then? Busy modern life means you probably haven’t got enough time to conduct another full clean that is out of the usual sequence. Does that mean you simply have to put up with it and run around in a car that is tarnished with evidence of environmental and road traffic fallout?

If only there was a product that could bridge the gap between full cleans and restore that perfect ‘just washed’ finish with minimal effort.

Well step forward Autoglym QuikRefresh. As the name suggests, this time-friendly new product is designed to quickly refresh the appearance of your vehicle between full, regular washes. When diluted in a bucket of water, it uses a simple wipe-on, wipe-off application to restore your car’s exterior finish in as little as 15 minutes.

The specific combination of microemulsion technology and an Autoglym InstaDry microfibre cloth provides the key to its contaminant-lifting ability. The surfactant in the product gently breaks down light layers of traffic film, dust and water marks from all exterior surfaces and lifts them into a state of suspended animation to minimise the risk of scratches and swirls. The InstaDry’s super-absorbent microfibre material then collects these contaminants as the cloth passes over the vehicle’s surface.

Once the entire vehicle has been treated from top to bottom, the cloth should be wrung out and used to dry the surfaces to a streak-free and thoroughly revived finish. You won’t even need to give the car a final rinse or polish to restore that ‘just washed’ appearance.

Autoglym’s engineers have designed QuikRefresh to be faster than a shampoo but more thorough that a detailing spray. It’ll even support the effectiveness of any existing polish, wax or ceramic coatings. But what it isn’t designed to be, however, is a replacement for thorough vehicle washes and dedicated paint protection products. So don’t go changing your usual weekend wash routine! Your moment of quiet solitude with your car remains preserved.