Monday, March 20, 2023
Start as you mean to go on with these three essential ingredients

The base of many Italian soups, stews and sauces is a combination of three essential ingredients: celery, onion and carrot. Chefs call these the “holy trinity” of Italian cuisine, and it is only after these have been gently softened in a pan with a splash of olive oil that you add further ingredients such as meat, stock, herbs and tomatoes to make the desired dish.

Where are we going with this? Good question. It reminds us of the fact that car cleaning also starts with three basic ingredients: a bucket, grit guard and wash mitt. Lubricated with water and a splash of shampoo, using this trinity may not make you feel particularly holy but the products will effectively clean the exterior of your car and, importantly, lay a decent foundation for any polish, wax or ceramic coating you might want to follow up with.

In acknowledgment of how important it is to get the basics right, Autoglym has launched three all-new essential products that will help owners start as they mean to go on.

  1. Autoglym Car Wash Bucket

Few things are more foundation-level than a simple water receptacle. Bucket design hasn’t changed in thousands of years, but because our new Car Wash Bucket is emblazoned with the biggest Autoglym logo this side of our Hertfordshire HQ, it clearly signals your intention to employ our high-performance products from the outset.

Made from durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the bucket holds 20 litres of water and is shaped so that it can be stacked. So whether you’re a ‘one bucket will do’ sort of person or a subscriber to the two-bucket method, you’ll still only use the same amount of floor space.

  1. Autoglym Car Wash Bucket Grit Guard

Did we say that bucket design hasn’t changed? Ignore that! This new Grit Guard is specifically designed to fit snugly at the bottom of our bucket so that its grid-like structure creates a barrier between clean and contaminated water.

You see, dirt and debris that your (spoiler alert) wash mitt might have picked up while making contact with the vehicle should naturally fall off when you plunge it into the water. These contaminants can fall naturally through the segments and lie imprisoned beneath the guard to keep them out of harm’s way. But just to make doubly sure that all remaining particles are dislodged, we recommend wiping the mitt across the guard’s gently ridged upper surface. This is the best way to ensure that contaminants do not become reattached to the mitt and cause swirl marks in your paintwork.

  1. Autoglym Microfibre Wash Mitt

What should you use to physically wash your car: sponge or wash mitt? Both are soft, thirsty for soapy water, and effective at removing contaminants from your bodywork. But the plush noodles of our new Microfibre Wash Mitt are designed to encourage contaminants deep into the pile, like clown fish into a sea anemone, keeping them well away from the paintwork.

As you caress your car clean, each microfibre noodle acts like an individual sponge, while its shape and texture activates the foaming and lubrication agents in the shampoo. Meanwhile, mesh inserts in the sides of the mitt are specially designed to remove more stubborn deposits, such as bug remains and bird droppings, from glass, wheels and headlights.

Is there a missing ingredient?

Just as a little oil starts the cooking process for the “holy trinity” of Italian cooking, a prescribed dose of Pure Shampoo (or if you have aspirations for a Michelin star, our award winning UHD Shampoo) will activate our three essential ingredients of car cleaning and help lay the groundwork for any further surface treatments.

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