Monday, March 20, 2023
Car proud Autoglymers who’s cars took centre-stage as they tied the knot

We understand the pride and passion Autoglymers have for their cars. From the dedication put into keeping them in tip top condition all year-round, to the emotional fulfilment they bring, there’s nothing that screams car pride more than putting your vehicle at the forefront of your wedding ceremony.

To celebrate this passion and commitment, we launched the Car Proud competition to find our car proud champion. The winner, Joanna Terry, displayed the upmost car pride by not only transporting the groom and best man to their wedding in their classic Mini, but featuring the vehicle at the forefront of all their wedding photos – gleaming from a good detail, of course.

If you’re thinking of putting your car centre stage at your wedding, scroll on for some car proud inspiration, and top tips to getting that big day shine.

  1. Joanna’s classic Mini taking centre stage in the group wedding shot. This speaks for itself – try our Fast Glass for a reflection-worthy glass shine just like this classic mini.
  1. Billie proudly stood with his Anglia at his elopement last year, does the car count as a witness?
  2. John’s classic white car sits front and centre, dressed to impress on his wedding day. Our best-selling Clean Wheels can give you sparkling alloys to be proud of, just like John.
  1. After a lifetime using Autoglym, Mark had to feature his pride and joy at his wedding 12 years ago.
  2. Dominic only had one thing to say alongside his submission: “Wedding ready”. We have to agree! Looking for a shine like that? Try our Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner for easy rinsing and ongoing protection.
  3. Thank you to Tom for this lady in red, she sure does suit up well. Great job with that shine, did you use our Super Resin Polish by any chance?
  4. Tony proudly sported his 1990 Mx5 on his wedding day in June 1990 and it’s still gleaming now – Tony’s wife Kerry loves this photo and we do too. Did you know you can get a gleam as good as this in 15 minutes with our new QuikRefresh?

Thanks to everyone who entered, we loved seeing all the pictures and reasons for deeming yourself car proud. Keep an eye on our socials for the next set of giveaways.

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