Monday, March 20, 2023
Autoglym – Cleaning Product of the Year 2022

Sparkling cars sell quicker – at least that’s the mantra many dealers live by.

It’s certainly true that a clean car is far more attractive to prospective buyers than a filthy one and to keep stock looking sharp you need top products. That’s exactly what Autoglym offers to hundreds of car dealers.

Autoglym has again come out on top as Cleaning Protect of the Year, which is one of the most fought over categories in the Car Dealer Power Awards. It’s the seventh consecutive triumph for Autoglym and Marketing Manager Mark Docherty was elated with the latest win.
‘It’s absolutely brilliant,’ he said, in a video you can watch above.

‘It’s really, really great for us at Autoglym to win any award, but especially one we have been fortunate to have won a few times before.’

He added: ‘It doesn’t get any less special – it’s one we really look forward to seeing the shortlist for. And to find out we’ve won again is a real, real pleasure.’

What’s the key to success? It’s about giving dealers exactly what they need, says Docherty.

‘We tend to gravitate to things that make our lives easier – and that’s what our products do. They’re a pleasure to use and offer outstanding value for money, and I think that’s something that we bake into all of our products, right from the time they’re formulated through to the end product that dealers use.

‘That’s even more important now than ever, and it seems that car dealers have picked up on those features and they voted accordingly.

‘Thank you so much to everyone that voted.’

With the award under our belts, we are now busy prepping the products to wow customers next year.

‘It’s been another great 12 months at Autoglym,’ remarked Docherty.

‘Any new products that we introduce or any new services we offer have to respond to the needs of our customers, and work in the world for the next few years going forward.

‘New product development is always really important. At Autoglym, we like to bring a range of products out each year, and it won’t be too long before next year’s products are starting to break ground – and we can’t wait to show everybody!’

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