Monday, March 20, 2023
Car Cleaning Horror Stories

Car valeters and detailers see the most frightful things, including some absolute horrors that make Hallowe’en seem as scary as a cuddly toy. Ghosts, ghouls and monsters have nothing on this top 10 of dirty car horror stories, just don’t read these while having your lunch…

Dog’s a good ‘un

Thanks to US auto detailers Dunrite Detail of Connecticut for this one – a customer’s dog has a rather unfortunate accident on the passenger seat of this Toyota. Should such a horror story happen to you, some Autoglym Professional Super Clean Sanitiser is the way to go, followed by a blast of Hyperfresh.

The Birds, the birds…

Think yourself lucky you’re not a detailer in Milan, where once a year a flock of migrating birds stops off to drop its very own special deposit on the city’s car pool. You’d want to give a car like this a thorough soaking in High Foam TFR to loosen off the poo before a full valet, while Reflow may well repair any lacquer damage to the paint, failing that a session with Rapid Renovator Plus!

Maggoty boot…

The owner of this estate car in Perth, Australia accidentally left some rotting meat in their car on a hot day. They got rid of the meat, but for months afterwards kept finding maggots in their motor. Nice… A job for Autoglym Super Clean Sanitiser if ever there was one.

Maserati Quattro-potty

This stunning Maserati was written off by insurers after the owner’s paint pots came open on a spirited drive back from the DIY store. But a good valeter can still get paint out of interior trim. Autoglym Professional Super Clean Sanitiser and Tar and Adhesive Remover will get things underway, but check colour fastness first and take extra care on leather!

MOT Horror Show

This Kia Sedona was presented for its annual MOT test at a test centre in Blackpool exactly like this – unsurprisingly, the tester refused to inspect it. This one needs a full going over with the entire Autoglym Professional product range!

Muddy hell!

The unlucky owner of this BMW found it like this after it was supposedly valet parked by a company near Gatwick Airport in 2019. A good hose down with a pressure washer and a generous use of Autoglym Professional Coat-It should make any future cleans easier.

Britain’s dirtiest car?

Louise Duffy from Merseyside won a dubious award in 2018 after a car parts company declared her Mazda as “Britain’s Dirtiest Car”. Amazingly, she was proud of her achievement saying it “showed she had a happy family” – we think it would make the perfect before and after project.

Smoke gets in your eyes (and hands, and feet, and arms…)

A valeting company in Washington DC shared images of this Toyota Camry on their social channels – and yes, that is cigarette ash all over the dash and door trims. And as for that sticky steering wheel… The only way to get rid of cigarette smells is to get to the source of the problem. It’s not a quick process but Autoglym Super Clean Sanitiser will chase it out.

Passage of time

From 1995 until 2021, seven cars sat in an abandoned used car dealership in Staffordshire before being sold off at auction. This one survives. But with years of dust, grime and bird muck to clear off, the valeting process wasn’t an easy one. Look out for future Autoglym blogs on how to clear off “barn find” grime.

Slurry about that

A father and his daughter in Dachau, Germany, were left less than fragrant after an errant tractor took a turn a bit too tightly and offloaded its trailer-load of horse manure into their Renaut Mégane convertible. A poopy bit of luck, maybe, but the Autoglym Professional range would be enough to return it to pre-manure condition.

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