Saturday, September 23, 2023
Autoglym Connect Partners with Pulham & Sons Coaches Ltd to Provide Premium Valeting Products for Fleet Maintenance

Autoglym Connect, the leading provider of professional public service vehicle care solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with Pulham & Sons Coaches Ltd, a family-owned coach and bus operator who have served the Cotswolds for 140 years. 

Under this exciting partnership, Autoglym Connect will supply a range of high-quality valeting products to maintain Pulhams’ 90 strong fleet. As part of the agreement, Autoglym Connect will provide a range of specially formulated products to ensure exceptional cleanliness and a brilliant shine for buses and coaches, inside and out. 

One of the key features of this partnership is the provision of dilution meters, which not only streamline the cleaning process but also ensures maximum cost efficiency as well as reducing the need for manual handling of chemicals. This ensures a safe and efficient operation for cleaning teams. This equipment will enable Pulhams to carefully control costs by ensuring the optimum dilution of chemicals is achieved, delivering outstanding results for their passengers.  

In addition, Autoglym Connect will conduct product familiarisation sessions for Pulhams’ dedicated cleaning teams. These sessions will ensure that the teams are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to effectively utilise Autoglym Connects valeting products, maximising their benefits, and maintaining the fleet’s impeccable appearance. 

“We are delighted to partner with Pulhams, a company known for its commitment to excellence in the coach and bus industry. By providing our premium valeting products and comprehensive support, we are confident that we can help maintain their fleet to the highest standards of cleanliness and presentation.”

said Nigel Prouten, Head of Professional Sales at Autoglym. Pulhams Coaches’ Managing Director, Andy Pulham, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership.

“We are excited to join forces with Autoglym Connect, a trusted name in PSV solutions. With their exceptional products, equipment and support, we can ensure our fleet maintains its pristine condition, delivering a first-class experience to our passengers.” 

Through this partnership, Autoglym Connect and Pulhams aim to uphold their shared commitment to quality, ensuring that each vehicle in the fleet reflects the company’s dedication to excellence. 

About Autoglym Connect

Autoglym Connect is the leading provider of professional public service vehicle care solutions. With a range of premium products and comprehensive support services, Autoglym Connect helps coach, bus and rail businesses maintain exceptional cleanliness and presentation of their vehicles.