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31 July 2023 88 view(s)
Detailer Diaries: "TSS Edition" Lee Irving's Top Ten
In Detailer Diaries we ask industry professionals to reveal their favourite go-to products. This week we feature one of our very own Technical Service Specialists, Lee Irving. Lee has been with Autoglym 15 years and spent every one of those days helping people get the best out of our products, by demonstrating and training people how to use them. With an expert opinion on every product in the range, we thought he'd be a good person to ask for his Top Ten, so here they are in his own words...

10. Interior Cleaner – Purely because of its cleaning ability combined with safety, I suppose the fact that’s it is also ready to use is also a benefit, no messing about mixing, just straight into the job. The number one, go to product for cleaning leather without the worry of causing any damage.

9. Odour Eliminator – I’ve always loved the fragrance; I take a bottle with me when I stay away in hotels just in case I have to get rid of the smell from the person that stayed before me!!! I always leave the room smelling better than when I arrived.

8. Rapid Renovator Plus – Soooo easy to use. Machine polishing is one of the hardest AND messiest jobs in valeting so to have a product that can complete the cutting and finishing stages (in the most part) in one operation, and do it without creating a mess requiring the car to be washed again afterwards AND with the added benefit of using diminishing abrasives to ensure that burning the paint, which is one of the most common hazards, is almost eradicated – it truly is an amazing product in both experienced and inexperienced hands….oh, and did I mention it can be used on rotary and dual action machines!!!

7. Car Shampoo Super Strength – You can’t have a top 10 of car care products without a shampoo and this one for me has so many advantages. The concentrated formula means that you only need 10ml of product per bucket so that little 5 litre container of shampoo will get you at least 500 cars, or if you are frugal northerner like me, using the 2 bucket method I can get at least 2 cars out of 1 bucket…. that’s a thousand cars out of one 5 litre, phenomenal. And the foam, yes it really does foam with just 10ml of product. Cleaning power – tick, rinsing ability – tick. I know it’s been said by some other brand, but it does exactly what it says on the tin…well, plastic container

6. UHD Wax – How can you not like UHD Wax? The fragrance - it almost makes you want to taste it. The pack – everything in there to give your car the ultimate in protection. The ease of use – no hammer and chisel needed to get this one off. The beading – the one advantage of living in this green and pleasant land is it rains quite regular and how better to see the fruits of your labour than a good old British rain shower. The durability – up to 6 months of protection but instead of applying twice a year, I like doing it that much I prefer to do it every quarter on my own car but only twice a year on the caravan though, a bit more work required there!!!

5. Autogloss Rinse – If you aren’t in the trade, you probably haven’t heard of this but in essence, it’s a liquid version of a drying cloth. If you wash your car and after rinsing, the panels hold onto the water, this shows there is no protection and drying takes forever because of the large expanses of water remaining. Using a tiny bit of Autogloss Rinse mixed with water (1 part product to 100 parts water), sprayed all over the car and then rinsed. Just stand back and enjoy the magic. The water will literally drain off right before your eyes saving a significant amount of time drying which is why this product is such a hit with Professional users.

4. Clean All – The versatility of this product makes it a real favourite in the trade but for me, the foaming action is second to none. If you like a snow foam, this is a snow foam on steroids. Not only will it cling, and smell good whilst clinging, but it will strip the dirt when you rinse with very little effort. Use it on cars, trucks, trailers, plant hire, fleet cleaning, honestly, the product is top drawer.

3. Rapid Ceramic Spray/Instant Ceramic Coating – I challenge anyone to find a genuine ceramic spray that can be used on both wet AND dry paintwork and can do the task as easy as this one. Ceramics are notoriously awkward to apply and can be time consuming to remove but this one – EFFORTLESS. If you are in the trade, using Instant Ceramic Coating, you will benefit from the speed of application AND the durability on cars that might sit around for a while before being sold. The maintenance of the cars is so much easier with this easy to apply barrier. If you are a home user, you can recreate the Professional results without the need for specific training and without the worry of using it incorrectly, just spray and wipe…that’s it, now you have up to 3 months of protection.

2. Super Resin Polish/Radiant Wax – A true 3 in one product. Polishes have kind of lost their way recently since the introduction of spray sealants but to the trained eye and those in the know, polishes do a unique job. If your car needs a bit of rejuvenation, if it has lost its original sparkle you have 2 options – Option 1. Pay to have someone professionally machine polish it…hopefully with Rapid Renovator Plus but this can be costly. Option 2. Do it yourself with SRP/Radiant Wax Polish. This product will not only repair light scratches with its mild abrasive content (there is 1 of the 3 benefits), it will also mask the heavier imperfections such as holograms and swirls due to its filling capabilities (there is benefit number 2) and once you have effortlessly buffed the product to a shine, a wax is left behind to lock in and protect the shine (and that is benefit number 3). People think SRP stands for Super Resin Polish, but it could easily stand for any of these - Superbly Rejuvenates Paintwork, Stunning Results Possible, Superb Rain Protection, Simply Recreate Perfection or Superior Reflective Properties

1. Polar Seal/Coat-It – One of the jobs we do in Technical Services is demonstrate products to potential new customers and this one (Coat-It) is by far the easiest demonstration you can do, and it works on any car, no matter how neglected it has been. It really is the easiest way to not only add gloss to paintwork but to create that ‘ceramic like’ protective coating. Foam it on, yes foam it (we were the first to have a 3 stage foaming package to clean AND protect with the Polar Range) and then rinse it off, it is that easy. Once you dry the car, you will see the amazing finish created with zero effort and again, when it rains, the beading is amazing leaving the neighbours thinking you have spent hours achieving that finish whereas in reality it was minutes. Game changer is a phrase banded around far too regularly in this industry, but Polar Seal/Coat It really is a GAME CHANGER and that is why it’s my number 1.

Thanks Lee! Lee is one member of a 5 strong Technical Services Team, hopefully we can persuade some more of them to tell us their go to products too. Stay tuned!

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