LifeShine FAQ

Here are some of our more popular questions
How do I know if LifeShine has been applied to my car?
LifeShine is designed to leave an invisible layer of protection over your exterior paintwork, exterior glass and upholstery. However the best indication that LifeShine has been applied is that you should see water beading on the paintwork, especially after it has been cleaned. The side and rear windows should repel water.
Do I need to have LifeShine reapplied?
Once LifeShine has been applied, there is no need for reapplication. Just maintain your vehicle as recommended.
Can I polish my car on top of the LifeShine treatment?
We are happy to recommend our Super Resin Polish on top of your LifeShine treatment.
Where can I find my local LifeShine stockist?
Visit our website for details: 'Find a Dealership'
Do I have to clean my car having had the LifeShine treatment applied?
You will still need to wash your car regularly to remove contamination from the surface. Our general advice is to wash the vehicle with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and then to use the Aqua Wax product in the aftercare bag to revitalise the surface. Aqua Wax is a great product because it can be applied after you have rinsed the vehicle and it is still wet. This helps to dry the vehicle whilst adding a layer of carnauba wax.
Can I clay bar my vehicle after having LifeShine applied?
Yes you are free to use any of the Autoglym range of products.
Can I use an automated car wash?
Our best advice is to use the Autoglym products provided in the aftercare bag as these have been extensively tested with the LifeShine treatment. You can use an automatic wash but any scratches caused by a faulty or poorly maintained automatic washes will not be covered under the LifeShine Guarantee.
How can I remove tar spots?
Tar spots can be removed using Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover.
How do I book to get my vehicle cleaned?
Autoglym does not provide a valeting service. We recommend regularly washing your vehicle with the products provided in your aftercare bag. In the event that general cleaning is not able to rectify blemishes on the upholstery or paintwork, please follow the 'Making a Claim' process outlined in your guarantee terms and conditions.
How soon after I've had the LifeShine treatment applied can I clean my car?
You can clean your car 24 hours after application.
Is LifeShine applied to convertible soft tops?
LifeShine is not applied to convertible soft tops, however to keep your soft top in good condition, you may wish to take a look at our Soft Top Convertible Clean & Protect Kit.
Is LifeShine applied to plastic or chrome trims?
No LifeShine is only applied to painted bodywork surfaces.
Is LifeShine applied to matt paint?
LifeShine's exterior protectant is not designed for use on matt paint.
My LifeShine is peeling. What do I do?
LifeShine Bodywork Carbon Shield will not peel from the surface of the paintwork. It is likely that the lacquer finish has been compromised on the painted surface due to an impact or road debris, which has then enabled water and/or other environmental contaminants to get underneath and lift the lacquer from the surface.
Is LifeShine applied to my front windscreen?
LifeShine Glass Guard is only applied to the side and rear windows.
How do I make a claim?
Details of your claim, along with relevant photographs and your 16 digit guarantee number, should be emailed to or sent by post to our head office address. Please also let us know the best way to contact you.
How do I register my LifeShine treatment?
LifeShine is registered by the dealership. Once they have registered your Guarantee, you should receive a certificate via email or printed out by the dealership and given to you at the time you collect your vehicle. If you haven't received your copy, we would recommend returning to your dealership to discuss.
Are commercial vehicles covered under the Guarantee?
Vehicles covered under the guarantee are those designed and constructed for the primary use of carrying passengers and comprising no more than seven seats in addition to the driver's seat. It excludes living spaces within motor homes, and any vehicle used for commercial purposes.
Are bird droppings covered under the Guarantee?
Damage to the paintwork caused by bird droppings is covered under the LifeShine Guarantee, however, droppings must be washed off using an Autoglym shampoo or comparable product within 48 hours, otherwise etching or discolouration may occur. Failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee on our inspection. No paint finish, however protected, can withstand the prolonged effects of such a corrosive matter. There is a limit to one bird dropping claim within the first 12 months of LifeShine guarantee registration.
What happens when I have an accident?
In the event of road accident damage subsequent to initial LifeShine application, and in order to maintain the validity of the guarantee, the Autoglym LifeShine protection must be applied to the repaired areas using a LifeShine Repair Kit, which can be ordered directly from Autoglym by your repair centre. Please note there may be a charge made to you as the vehicle’s owner for this service. The repair centre will require your 16-digit guarantee number so that we can record details on your original LifeShine guarantee registration.
I need to cancel my guarantee. Can I have a refund?
LifeShine is a one-off payment made to the dealership. Refunds will depend on individual circumstances and will need to be discussed with your dealership.
I'm selling my car, does the LifeShine Guarantee transfer to the new owner?
The LifeShine Guarantee is non-transferable. It's valid only for as long as you own the vehicle.
What do I do when the products in my aftercare bag have run out?
All our products can be purchased from our online store or from your local retailer. See our website for stockists in your area.
How do I remove water marking on my seats?
Water marking is created when water remains on the surface of the fabric for a period of time. As the water evaporates and dries, it lifts any dirt or dust within the fibres to the surface and leaves an unsightly white residue. This marking can easily be removed using our Interior Shampoo provided in your aftercare bag.
Is dye transfer covered under the Guarantee?
Unfortunately dye has been designed to penetrate through surfaces and the key to its removal is to get to it as soon as possible. We would recommend using the Interior Shampoo in your aftercare bag as soon as you see any marking. Due to its penetrating properties, dye transfer is not included under the terms of the LifeShine Guarantee.
I've just purchased my new car with LifeShine and the seats are not beading water?
The level of beading on a fabric will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the fabric's weave. Fabric weave also varies across a vehicle's model range too, as interior styles can differ. Some fabrics see impressive beading, whilst others may not. The main purpose of LifeShine Interior Protectant is to provide a stain resistant coating to the fibres. Whilst Interior Protectant is able to coat and protect the fibres, it cannot coat and seal in the holes within the weave.
Is LifeShine applied to wheels?
LifeShine is not applied to wheels. We do recommend cleaning your wheels regularly with one of our wheel cleaners.