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Leather Conditioner & Protectant

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Nourishes and preserves leather upholstery

Product Info

Nourishes and preserves leather upholstery


  • Nourishes the leather to leave a soft, supple, crack free finish
  • Carefully blended pH neutral formulation, effectively moisturises without leaving greasy residue but a natural matt look
  • Contains surface proofing agents to protect against marks and staining
  • Approved by Jaguar Land Rover
  • Attractive leather fragrance
  • Silicone free


  • Effective upselling opportunity to generate additional income
  • Protects leather against soiling to make future cleaning easier
  • Generates the wow factor to enhance customer experience
  • Suitable for use in silicone free environments e.g. bodyshops

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

How to use this product

1. Shake well. Test an inconspicuous area before use to check for water staining and colourfastness.

2. For heavily soiled leather, clean with Autoglym Interior Cleaner before use.

3. Apply with a soft cotton cloth and massage until product is absorbed.

4. To reduce the sheen to a semi-matte finish, allow 2-3 minutes absorption time after application then buff off with the Autoglym Microfibre Cloth.

Instructional Video


Autoglym Professional Leather & Trim Conditioner

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