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Tyre Reviver

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Cost-effective, silicone free, water based tyre dressing

Product Info

Cost-effective, silicone free, water based tyre dressing


  • Highly cost effective formula
  • Brush or sponge application
  • Silicone free formulation


  • Ideal for regularly maintained vehicles
  • Versatile application, use it how you prefer
  • Safe to use in bodyshops and other ���������no silicone��������� areas

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

How to use this product

1. Ensure the tyre wall is clean and dry. Remove any old dressings from tyre before application

2. Apply to adhesive residue using a trigger spray.

3. Allow product residue to dry for a high shine finish

Instructional Video


Autoglym Professional Tyre Reviver

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