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Products for Professionals


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  1. Hyperfresh Crushed Berries Aerosol
    Hyperfresh Crushed Berries

    Powerful air-freshener with a long-lasting crushed berry scent

  2. Glass Spay
    Glass Spray

    Rapid action aerosol for cleaning glass

  3. Black Dye Paint
    Black Dye

    Fast-drying stain for a wide variety of surfaces

  4. Unibot Cap for Universal Bottle
    Unibot Cap for Universal Bottle

    Cap to safely close the Unibot Universal Bottle

  5. Lightweight PVC Gauntlets (35cm)
    Lightweight PVC Gauntlets (35cm)

    Ideal for operatives who handle rough materials

  6. Interior Upholstery Sponge
    Interior Upholstery Sponge

    Textured stiff upholstery sponge ideal for interior cleaning

  7. Drum Pump 25L
    Drum Pump 25L

    Easy to use drum pump to decant product quickly and easily.

  8. Magic Sponge
    Magic Sponge

    For effortless removal of stubborn scuffs and blemishes from vinyl and plastic trim

  9. Polishing Pad Backing Plate
    Polishing Pad Backing Plate

    115mm Velcro Backing Plate for Professional machine polishing pads.


Items 10-18 of 28

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Set Descending Direction
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