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Products for Professionals


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  1. Fabric Stain Remover 5L
    Fabric Stain Remover

    Bioactive cleaner for the removal of fabric stains

  2. Coat-It 5L

    Highly durable, super hydrophobic coating

  3. Reflow

    Reflow is a ground-breaking solution in removing bird dropping damage without equipment. An extremely quick, easy and safe option to use on all paintwork surfaces.

  4. Express Wax 5L
    Express Wax

    Rapid sprayable high gloss wax for use on wet vehicles

  5. Tar and Adhesive Remover 5L
    Tar & Adhesive Remover

    Powerful solvent for the removal of tar and adhesives

  6. Super Sheen 5L
    Super Sheen

    Versatile plastic and rubber dressing

  7. Rapid Renovator Plus
    Rapid Renovator Plus

    A heavy cutting machine polishing compound

  8. Tyre Dressing 5L
    Tyre Dressing

    Tyre dressing for wet or dry tyres

  9. Fast Shine and Lube 5L
    Fast Shine & Lube

    Ideal for rapid dust removal and clay bar lubrication


Items 1-9 of 19

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