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  1. Polar Blaster
    Polar Blaster

    Polar Blaster is a unique foam gun designed to work in harmony with all Polar Series products, providing the speediest way to safely pre-wash, wash and protect your vehicle.

    Karcher K Series compatible connector included, for other attachments view our accessories page.

    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £40.00
  2. InstaDry

    A super-absorbent, specially coated microfibre cloth for a quick, streak-free finish on paintwork and glass.

    Special Price £10.06 Regular Price £13.40
  3. Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel
    Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel

    The perfect drying companion, this large super-absorbant drying towel will leave you with bone dry, smear free surfaces. 

    Special Price £11.86 Regular Price £15.80
  4. Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade
    Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade

    The fastest way to remove water from a car and is especially useful on larger vehicles with a lot of flat surfaces

    Special Price £17.93 Regular Price £23.90
  5. Hi-Tech Wheel Brush
    Hi-Tech Wheel Brush

    This chemically resistant brush is ideal for cleaning wheels, enabling easy agitation and getting into the corners that brake dust collects in.

    Special Price £12.30 Regular Price £16.40

5 Items

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