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Ultra Deep Shine

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A polish designed especially for dark coloured cars, it removes minor scratches, swirls and oxidation to leave your paintwork with a smooth even gloss and enriched colour

Product Info

Ultra Deep Shine is a polish for use on black and dark coloured cars suffering from excessive swirling, fine scratches or holograms.

It is an 'all-in-one' formula that polishes and protects in one. For this reason Ultra Deep Shine should not be followed by Extra Gloss Protection or High Definition Wax.

Pro Tip: Do not allow the product to dry onto the paintwork for a long time, apply to a panel, allow to dry, then buff off immediately. If Super Resin Polish is used there is no need to use Ultra Deep Shine.

How to use this product

  1. Shake well, then apply to clean, cool paint with a cotton cloth or polish applicator, using a light circular motion.
  2. Apply to one panel at a time, increasing pressure to remove minor imperfections.
  3. Allow to dry to a haze then buff to a high gloss using a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth before moving onto the next section.


Q: Do I apply Extra Gloss Protection over Ultra Deep Shine?
A: No, Ultra Deep Shine is a stand-alone product and the use of Extra Gloss Protection or High Definition Wax is not recommended.

Q: How often can Ultra Deep Shine be used without damaging paintwork?
A: Ultra Deep Shine will not damage the paintwork of your car.  It can be reapplied when the surface ceases to repel water, or an enhancement to the shine is required.                                                        

Instructional Video


How to use Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

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