Hand Sanitiser Gel

Hand Sanitiser Gel is our updated Hand Sanitiser formulation, helping you kill viruses, germs and bacteria from hands.

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Hand Sanitiser Gel is our new updated Hand Sanitiser formulation, helping you kill viruses, germs and bacteria from hands.

When you are away from home, office, or on the forecourt there is not always access to soap and water to wash your hands.

This is why we have introduced Autoglym Hand Sanitiser, a quick and easy way for you to keep clean and reduce the chance of spreading germs to yourself, others or onto surfaces.


  • Kills 99.999% bacteria captured on hands – Passes EN 1276 and EN 1500.
  • High alcohol content hand gel.
  • Quick and easy to use, no spills or runs.
  • Allows for hand sanitising when traditional methods are unavailable.
  • Fast drying formula.
  • Enhances skin hydration.


  • Hand Sanitiser Gel facilitates regular hand hygiene where soap and water is unavailable, meeting current and expected future personal hygiene needs.
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel protects you, your staff, and your customers from the transmission of harmful bacteria, viruses and germs captured on hands.
  • EN certified formulation provides independent reassurance that Hand Sanitiser has passed testing which measures eradication of harmful germs.
  • Fast acting, quick drying formula enhances hand hydration and keeps busy hands safe on the go. 
  • Clean and hygienic hands are very important and inline with best practice. This simple to use product helps achieve that goal.

1. Apply a palmful of Hand Sanitiser and cover all surfaces of the hands.

2. Rub hands until dry.

Q: How do I use this?

A: Apply a £2 sized amount to palm, and rub hands together, back and front until dry.

Q: Will it kill viruses/bacteria?

A: Yes, the ingredients in Autoglym Hand Sanitiser, primarily the volume and type of alcohol, have been shown to kill a wide range of viruses.

Q: Does it meet any regulatory benchmarks?

A: The formulation that we are using has been tested according to EN1500 and EN1276 standards, which are the testing method for hygienic hand rubs and bactericides. As the formulation contains above the recommended minimum of 60% alcohol to be seen as effective, it will kill most viruses at this concentration.

Q: Can it be used on other surfaces, not just my hands?

A: We recommend that this is used for hands only as that is its intended purpose.