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Super Sheen

Versatile plastic and rubber dressing.

Super Sheen

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Versatile plastic and rubber dressing.

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Restores and protects automotive plastic and rubber. Suitable for use on wet or dry automotive plastic, vinyl, rubber, tyres, seals, trims and engine bays. Improves appearance and seals against moisture, dust and traffic film. Can be used to achieve a gloss or semi-matte finish.

Versatile Interior and Exterior Protection

Super Sheen provides a versatile solution for both interior and exterior surfaces, offering comprehensive protection for plastic, vinyl, rubber, seals, trims, and engine bays. This multifunctional capability provides professional valeters with a single product that meets diverse needs, enhancing value for money and efficiency.

High Gloss or Natural Finish Options

Professional valeters will appreciate Super Sheen for its ability to produce a high gloss or natural finish, allowing customisation based on customer preferences. This flexibility ensures outstanding results, as valeters can tailor the appearance of the vehicle to meet specific requirements.

Non-Sticky Formulation for Easy Maintenance

The non-sticky formulation of Super Sheen is designed to prevent dirt attraction, making future cleaning easier for professional valeters. This not only contributes to the longevity of the product's effects but also streamlines the cleaning process, saving time and effort.

1. Shake well before use. Ensure surface is clean. For interior surfaces, pre-clean with Autoglym Interior Cleaner.

2. Spray the product liberally onto the surface or apply with a dry sponge. For use on motorcycles, apply product directly onto an Autoglym Microfibre Cloth and wipe over the desired surface.

3. For a semi-matte finish, buff the surface with the Autoglym Microfibre Cloth until the desired finish is achieved.

4. For a gloss finish apply the product evenly across the surface and leave to dry.





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