Surface Detailing Clay Bar

For detailed removal of all surface contaminants


For use with Fast Shine & Lube to achieve a perfectly smooth, contaminant free finish


  • Effectively and safely removes paintwork contaminants, e.g. industrial fallout
  • Leaves an ultra smooth finish in preparation for polishing or waxing
  • Long lasting and reusable


  • Excellent upselling opportunity to generate additional income
  • Ensures a perfectly smooth surface to avoid scratches during polishing
  • The perfect additional detail to enhance your customers' experience

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

Wash the vehicle with a shampoo and dry; then break off a small piece of clay, knead and flatten it into the size of a large coin.

Once the area feels smooth to the touch, wipe away any excess Rapid Detailer with the microfibre cloth and repeat the process on a new area, overlapping slightly with the previous section.

Fold the clay frequently to expose a clean surface, and remember to knead the clay regularly to keep it supple. Once the clay being used is contaminated throughout, start again with a fresh piece.

Q: What kind of contaminants will a Surface Detailing Clay Bar remove?

A: The clay bar removes bonded contaminants, the stubborn deposits that stick to paintwork, dulling the finish and affecting the gloss. Contaminants removed include metallic particles from industrial fallout.