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Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating

Create a tough, incredibly protective barrier with Autoglym’s first semi-permanent coating. Even car care professionals will marvel at UHD Ceramic Coating’s glass-like finish.

Ultra High Definition Ceramic Coating


Create a tough, incredibly protective barrier with Autoglym’s first semi-permanent coating. Even car care professionals will marvel at UHD Ceramic Coating’s glass-like finish.

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Protection, redefined

The superb protective qualities. The ease of use. The instant hydrophobic finish. Throughout its scrupulous development, our team has continuously advanced the UHD Ceramic Coating’s formula. Perfectionists at heart, we now have a semi-permanent ceramic coating with an unrivalled depth of gloss, to fast-track the splendour of your car’s exterior.

Easy application

The UHD Ceramic Coating kit equips you with everything you need to effortlessly prepare your paintwork for application. UHD Preparation fluid and Preparation Cloth, UHD Ceramic Coating liquid and Ceramic Coating Applicator, and a Finishing Cloth.

Super beading action

This highly durable, super hydrophobic coating provides a ‘shield’ to the surface of your vehicle. Not only is it great for instantly repelling water, UHD Ceramic Coating creates an extra protective barrier against the natural environment.

Long lasting protection

With amino-functional siloxanes and reactive polymers, our UHD Ceramic Coating adheres strongly to exterior paintwork, creating a semi-permanent protective barrier for maximum resistance against the natural environment. Simply stunning, every time.

Paintwork preparation with UHD Preparation

This stage is essential for providing the perfect surface to allow UHD Ceramic Coating to fully bond to the paintwork.

  1. Ensure the vehicle is clean, dry and free of contaminants. It is recommended to wash the car thoroughly with a car shampoo and remove any fallout with a fallout remover or clay bar. For the perfect finish, light scratches and swirl marks should also be removed using a suitable polish or scratch remover at this stage.
  2. Thoroughly wipe down all of the paintwork with UHD Preparation to remove any existing waxes, sealants or oils still present on the surface. Apply product directly to the Preparation Cloth and then wipe over the paintwork systematically in straight lines, ensuring all areas intended to be coated are covered. Wipe away any remaining residue with a dry part of the Preparation Cloth, turning the cloth regularly to avoid saturation.

Paintwork Protection with UHD Ceramic Coating

  1. Before you begin, carefully plan your application process. Ideally you will want to work in 50cm x 50cm sections (average sized panel) at a time. The temperature and humidity are likely to affect the drying and curing time required. We recommend determining the optimum drying time on the first panel you apply the product to.
  2. Once you apply the product it will begin to evaporate. When the product appears to have formed small beads and a film is beginning to form this is the time to buff off the product. On warmer days this will take 1-2 minutes, on cooler days 3-5 minutes. Use this first panel as your guide for the rest of the car.
  3. Apply UHD Ceramic Coating in straight lines using the UHD Ceramic Coating Applicator taking care not to apply too much UHD Ceramic Coating.
  4. After applying to one averaged sized panel, and allowing the appropriate curing time, buff well using the red Finishing Cloth.
  5. Move onto the next panel, adding small amounts of product to the UHD Ceramic Coating Applicator if required and buff when dry.
  6. Once you have coated all intended areas and buffed, change the position of the car to view the paintwork in different lighting, before performing a spot check. Re-buff any missed sections with the Finishing Cloth.
  7. Finally, allow UHD Ceramic Coating to fully cure on your car for a minimum of 4 hours. During this period it should remain out of wet weather and environments with high dust or contamination.
  8. Do not wash the vehicle for 24 hours after application.

Note: If the product has been left to cure for too long it may become difficult to remove. If this happens, simply apply more product over the small area and buff immediately. Remove any excess product from plastic or glass with UHD Preparation before it dries. UHD Ceramic Coating cannot be used on any surface other than paintwork. Do not use on matt paint.

Customer Questions
What is UHD Coating?
UHD Ceramic Coating offers outstanding protection, gives a stunning glass-like finish and is incredibly durable. It contains amino-functional siloxanes and reactive polymers that adhere strongly to a car’s paintwork, creating a semi-permanent protective coating on exterior paintwork and colour co-ordinated plastics.
How is UHD Coating different from other Autoglym waxes and sealants?
UHD Ceramic Coating is Autoglym’s first semi-permanent coating. Consequently it requires a high level of preparation as the finish will be sealed by the coating. Waxes like Rapid Aqua Wax and UHD Wax offer protection, but not on same scale or length of time as UHD Ceramic Coating. They can also be removed, as can sealants (like Extra Gloss Protection).
How long does it last?
The durability of any coating can be impacted by many factors, such as mileage driven, weather, climate, products used for aftercare and how well the surface was prepared prior to application. If all instructions and recommended guidelines are adhered to, Autoglym UHD Ceramic Coating will provide up to one year of protection.
Can UHD Ceramic Coating be used on glass and plastics?
No, UHD Ceramic Coating has been designed specifically for paintwork and colour coordinated plastics only.
How will I know when it is time to reapply?
When the car is cleaned and the surface holds water for more than one minute, this is a sign that UHD Ceramic Coating should be reapplied.
Is there any benefit to multi-layering? Will it increase protection?
It is possible, but there is a limited gain from doing so. It is not something we would recommend. On-going cleaning with UHD Shampoo and periodic applications of UHD Wax would be more effective. 
What should I do if I get some on the glass?
The included UHD Preparation product can be used to remove any UHD Ceramic Coating accidentally applied to glass.
What does it protect against?
UHD Ceramic Coating creates a tough, protective barrier for maximum resistance against the natural environment.
Does it have UV inhibitors?
Not specifically no, but it will offer protection against UV rays as it forms an extra protective barrier between the sun’s rays and the paintwork.
Which products are compatible with UHD Ceramic Coating?
UHD Ceramic Coating is compatible with all of Autoglym’s shampoos and wax products as well as the Polar Series. We recommend that UHD Shampoo is used as part of your regular on-going wash cycle and UHD Wax can be used to boost protection and finish periodically throughout the year. Avoid using abrasive products such as polishes as well as solvent based products like Tar & Adhesive Remover as they can reduce the longevity of coating. If you do need to use these products, apply UHD Ceramic Coating to affected areas afterwards. We would recommend avoiding hand carwashes that use strong alkali detergents (particularly pre-sprays) as these could impact the durability of UHD Ceramic Coating.
Is it ok to apply UHD Ceramic Coating in any weather conditions?
UHD Ceramic Coating should be applied on mild dry weather days with an optimum temperature between 10-25C.
Is it ok to use other types of applicator?
Yes it is, however the Autoglym UHD applicator has been designed to ensure the most efficient application. UHD Coating has not been tested and approved for use with other applicators.
Is it ok to apply to wet bodywork?
No, the paintwork needs to be clean, prepared and dry. 
How should I clean the UHD applicator and Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth?
Wash at 30 degrees with detergent only. Do not use fabric softener and ensure to keep colours separate.
How long after application should I wait before washing?
We recommend leaving the coating for at least 24 hours after application before washing for the first time. 



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