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Specialist Fixes


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  1. Fabric Stain Remover 5L
    Fabric Stain Remover

    Bioactive cleaner for the removal of fabric stains

  2. Black Dye Paint
    Black Dye

    Fast-drying stain for a wide variety of surfaces

  3. Tar and Adhesive Remover 5L
    Tar & Adhesive Remover

    Powerful solvent for the removal of tar and adhesives

  4. Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser
    Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser

    All-purpose sanitiser with anti-bacterial and anti-viral action for deep sanitising, across all surfaces.

  5. Hand Sanitiser
    Hand Sanitiser

    80% Alcohol WHO approved hand sanitiser to kill bacteria, viruses, and harmful germs.


5 Items

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