Rapid Renovator

A simple one stage machine polishing solution for light to medium defects


A simple one stage machine polishing solution for light to medium defects


  • Rapid action one compound, one pad solution is uniquely blended to provide both cut and finish
  • Leaves an outstanding gloss finish that, in most cases, requires no refining
  • Quickly and safely removes medium to light paint defects
  • Filler free ensuring a permanent finish
  • Silica and silicone free


  • Single stage technology offers maximum speed and value for money
  • Effective upselling opportunity to generate additional income
  • Simple one compound, one pad process saves time and effort for the user

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

Thoroughly clean and dry the vehicle, ensuring any industrial fallout and contamination is removed from the paintwork. Remove any tar and previous polishes and coatings from the surface using Autoglym Tar & Adhesive Remover. Mask any swage lines, badges, delicate trim and difficult to reach areas with tape or film.

Using a medium foam pad (we recommend the white Autoglym Renovate Pad), apply three dots of Rapid Renovator, each about the size of a pea, directly to the pad. More product will be required for a fresh pad.

Working on a section at a time, apply the pad to the top of the panel then start the machine at a low speed (600 - 800 RPM). Pass over the area in a horizontal motion, gradually increasing the speed to 1500 - 1800 RPM. Add more product as needed and continue until the desired result is achieved.

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