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Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

Powerful, fast acting, high foaming, acid free cleaner for automotive wheels.

Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

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Powerful, fast acting, high foaming, acid free cleaner for automotive wheels.

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Powerful, fast acting, acid free cleaner for automotive wheels. Rapidly removes brake dust, road grime and traffic film. High-performing agents release contamination with minimal agitation. Fast-building foam increases dwell time and cleaning efficiency. Suitable for most wheel types. Dilutable.

Fast and Efficient Cleaning Action

Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner is designed for professional vehicle valeters seeking a powerful and fast-acting solution. Its chemically advanced formula and fast-building foam not only rapidly remove brake dust, road grime, and traffic film but also increase dwell time, ensuring outstanding results with minimal agitation.

Excellent Tyre Cleaning for a Perfect Finish

This wheel cleaner also had excellent tyre cleaning abilities, ensuring the entire wheel is cleaned to a perfect finish. The high cling of the formula captures more dirt in a single application, providing valeters with a solution that delivers exceptional results and prepares the surface for tyre dressing.

Versatility and Time Efficiency

The Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner's suitability for most wheel types, coupled with its minimal agitation requirement, provides valeters with a versatile and time-efficient cleaning solution. The dilutable nature of the product allows for various levels of dirt, catering to different cleaning needs.

1. Always pre-test alloy or plated parts, aftermarket, or refurbished wheels before use. For regular cleaning, dilute 1:3. For heavily soiled wheels, increase concentration or use neat.

2. Spray onto wheels and tyre walls starting at the bottom moving upwards. Allow up to 5 minutes dwell time. Do not allow the product to dry.

3. Agitate surfaces with a suitable wheel brush to remove stubborn dirt. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

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