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Screenwash Super Strength

Super concentrated all season screenwash.

Screenwash Super Strength

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Super concentrated all season screenwash.

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Super Strength Screenwash

Highly concentrated screenwash suitable for all seasons. Ensures clear vision all year round in all weather conditions. Improves wiper action and eliminates smearing. Safe for use on paint and trim.

Smear-Free Window Cleaner for Clear Vision

Our Super Strength Screenwash guarantees a smear-free windscreen experience, ensuring professional valeters can deliver clear vision all year to their clients. This feature provides outstanding results, making the product an essential choice for providing impeccable visibility.

All-Weather Performance and Improved Wiper Action

Designed for all-season use and effective down to -45°C, this super-concentrated screenwash not only enhances wiper action but also works seamlessly in extreme temperatures. Professional valeters can confidently offer this product, providing exceptional value and ensuring optimal visibility for their customers in various weather conditions.

Highly Concentrated for Cost-Effective Versatility

The super concentration of this screenwash not only makes it highly effective but also presents a cost-effective solution for professional valeters. With the ability to be diluted for various applications, it offers exceptional value, making it a smart choice for businesses with high screenwash use.


Dilution guide showing freeze point of mixtures

Maximum Dilution (-1c°) 1:15
*Optimum Clean (-3c°) 1:9
Winter (-6c°) 1:4
Severe winter (-14c°) 1:2 
Extreme winter (-25c°) 1:1
Very extreme winter (-45c°) 1:0 (Use neat)



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