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Silicone Free Spray

Essential versatile product for an instant sheen.

Silicone Free Spray


Essential versatile product for an instant sheen.

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Silicone Free Spray is a durable polymer dressing which enhances and protects various types of trim including dashboard coverings, vinyl or sealed leather door trim, door seals, grilles, mouldings, bumpers, vinyl hoods and similar surfaces. Sprayed surfaces are left water, dirt and stain resistant. Ideal for use in silicone free environments.


Silicone Free Spray is explicitly designed without silicone. This is a crucial feature for professional valeters, especially in environments such as bodyshops where silicone-free products are vital to prevent issues with paint and finishing processes.

Quick and Easy Aerosol Application

The product offers a quick and easy aerosol application, making it convenient for professional valeters. The aerosol application is particularly beneficial for reaching hard-to-access surfaces, providing a versatile solution for various parts of the vehicle.

Instant Sheen and Protection

Professional valeters will appreciate the product's ability to provide an instant sheen and protection. This feature not only enhances the vehicle's appearance but also ensures a shorter working time, allowing more vehicles to ve valeted in a day.

Shake well.

Spray a light even coating then polish surfaces with soft cloth to achieve the required level of sheen.

For use on motorcycles, apply product directly onto an Autoglym Microfibre Cloth and wipe over the desired surface.



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