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Spearmint Fogger

A super-concentrated blast of atomised minty freshness to vehicle interiors.

Spearmint Fogger


A super-concentrated blast of atomised minty freshness to vehicle interiors.

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Concentrated mint blast for vehicle interiors. Spearmint Fogger delivers a super-concentrated blast of atomised minty freshness to vehicle interiors. The ultra-effective, long lasting scent is ideal for vehicles that need a little extra help to smell pleasant again. The powerful fragrance remains for up to two weeks. Ideal for use in damp, smoky, vehicles, cars for sale, cars in storage and more.

Ultra-Concentrated Minty Freshness

Spearmint Fogger is super-concentrated atomised minty freshness, and provides professional vehicle valeters with a powerful solution for transforming vehicle interiors. This ultra-effective and long-lasting scent instantly revitalises the atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for vehicles in need of a pleasant and inviting aroma.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: 

The powerful fragrance of Spearmint Fogger lingers for up to two weeks, ensuring a sustained pleasant environment within the vehicle. This extended freshness makes it an excellent choice for addressing various scenarios, including damp or smoky vehicles, cars for sale, and those in storage.

Versatile Application

Ideal for diverse situations, Spearmint Fogger provides value to professional valeters by offering versatility in application. Whether it's freshening up cars for sale, tackling vehicles in storage, or addressing the challenges of damp and smoky interiors, this product is a valuable tool for enhancing the overall customer experience.

1. Shake well. Move front seats fully forward.

2. Place can upright in the rear passenger footwell.

3. Press trigger until it locks down, pointing the nozzle away from you.

4. Close all doors, and wait until can has fully emptied.

5. Once empty, open all doors fully and wipe over surfaces with a clean microfibre cloth to remove residue from leather and plastic surfaces.



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