Waterless Detailer

A silicone free solution for waterless cleaning

Special Handling Charge Applies

A silicone free solution for waterless cleaning


  • Reduced environmental impact, ideal for use in restricted locations such as retail valeting sites
  • Suitable for use on paintwork, glass, plastic, rubber, chrome and alloy wheels
  • No water required
  • Removes soiling quickly and easily in one step
  • Silicone free, ideal for use in public spaces, reducing the risk of slip hazards


  • Ideal for a more sustainable valet
  • Perfect for use on sites where the use of water is restricted or forbidden
  • Ideal for use in droughts and hosepipe bans
  • Useful back up product to have on hand in case water becomes unavailable
  • Multi purpose product saves storage space
  • Silicone free to comply with most retail valeting requirements

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only

1. If vehicle is heavily soiled, rinse where possible using available ���grey��� water.

2. Shake well. Spray moderately onto one panel.

3. Spread across the panel using a cloth or sponge.

4. Buff off using the Autoglym Microfibre Cloth.