Rapid Aqua Wax Complete Kit

£ 14.99

Rapid Aqua Wax is the best kept secret in car care.

Our carnauba based wax can be applied directly to a wet vehicle straight after washing, giving you a stunning hard wax finish in a fraction of the time.

It can be used to protect all exterior surfaces including paint, plastic, rubber and glass leaving you with a car to be proud of.

This comprehensive kit everything you need and includes:
500ml Aqua Wax
2 x Microfibre Finishing Cloth

Note: This product was previously named Aqua Wax.
Packaging style may vary

How to use


1. Wash the vehicle with shampoo and leave wet.

2. Shake well and apply Rapid Aqua Wax sparingly to all exterior surfaces, excluding the windscreen. 2-3 sprays per panel are sufficient.

3. Use a clean microfibre cloth to spread Rapid Aqua Wax until there is an even coating over all surfaces.

4. Buff to a shine with a second clean, dry microfibre cloth.

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26 reviews


Better than expected!

I bought a new car and wanted to maintain the showroom shine and I liked the idea of Aqua wax- it seemed foolproof for a novice like myself. It added no extra time to the washing routine as the time I would have spent drying the car with a chamois was the same as spreading the wax on the car and buffing. The buffing was effortless although I can see why you should use sparingly a little goes a long way so great value for money!


Brilliant (in every sense).

Have just finished using Rapid Aqua Wax on my car for the second time. It is so easy to apply, and even saves the usual drying process. The car looks great, with classic wax water beading (it has started to rain!).

I have always been a bit cautious of waxing my car (an image of hard work and problems with smearing etc) but this product has totally converted me. A professional result for a rank amateur,



Used this now for many years on my Ford RS, ive previously purchased the bulk 5 litre bottle which personally I think is a lot better and doesn't seem to be diluted compared to the shop bought version.
Would recommend anyone to buy the bigger size. Called Express Wax

Plus side to 500ml is that I never seem to be short on Micro fibres :)

AUTOGLYM SAYS: The professionally available version and Aqua Wax are both identical, there is no difference in product strength, the products are not different in any way.

50th Anniversary edition bottles launched

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