All Purpose Cleaner 1L

All Purpose Cleaner (APC) is the perfect solution to clean your car’s exterior and interior. Safe to use on all surfaces.

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All Purpose Cleaner (APC) has been designed to assist with exterior cleaning and is ideal as a pre-spray prior to a shampoo, to loosen bugs, stubborn dirt and traffic film from paintwork and wheels.

It has excellent degreasing qualities so is a perfect solution for grimy engine bays, door and boot shuts and fuel filler cavities.

All Purpose Cleaner is also safe to use on your car’s interior surfaces and is perfect for a heavily soiled or stained interior or a thorough annual clean for plastics, fabrics and even leathers. For regular on-going interior cleaning, we would recommend Autoglym Interior Shampoo.

Exterior use:

Do not apply in direct sunlight or if paintwork is warm to touch.

  1. For best results apply to dry surfaces. Apply cleaner liberally, especially where they is a build up of mud or dirt, and allow to dwell for up to 5 minutes. Important: Do not allow to dry.
  2. When removing grease and grime, agitate with a soft brush or wash mitt.
  3. Rinse with high pressure water. Stubborn deposits may require repeat applications with agitation.
  4. If using as a bodywork pre-spray now shampoo the vehicle.

Interior use:

Always pre-test colour fastness of surfaces before use.

  1. Fabric surfaces: Apply sparingly with a fine spray. Gently agitate with a brush or interior sponge then wipe with a clean damp cloth or an Autoglym Aqua Dry.
  2. For leather, vinyl and hard surfaces: Apply directly to an Autoglym Microfibre Cloth or sponge and wipe over the surface to be cleaned. Do not use a brush and avoid excessive rubbing. Finally, wipe with a clean damp cloth or an Autoglym Aqua Dry.

Alcantara: Apply sparingly to a clean, damp Autoglym Aqua Dry and wipe gently. Do not over wet the surface and avoid excessive rubbing. Dry with a clean cloth. A brush can help the fibres lay correctly after cleaning.

DO NOT USE on sat nav or dashboard screens.

All Purpose cleaner is ideal to use as a pre-soak before washing your car to loosen tough dirt or use in places like fuel flap area, door & boot shuts, window algea, wheel cleaner or bird lime.

Q: Can All Purpose Cleaner be used on untreated paintwork?

A: Yes, it can be used on paintwork that does not have any polish, waxes or coatings applied. It is suitable for all modern paints that have a clear coat. Avoid unstable paint surfaces, such as porous oxidised paint.

Q: What “type of chemistry” is All Purpose Cleaner?

A: Alkaline detergent blend.

Q: Does it have a fragrance?

A: Yes, the fragrance is orange zest.

Q: Can All Purpose Cleaner be used on glass and plastics?

A: Yes, it can be used on all exterior and interior surfaces with the exception of dashboard screens.

Q: Can all purpose cleaner be used on leather?

A: Yes, you can use on leather but we recommend to use once or twice a year for big clean. use Leather cleaner or Leather balm Care for regular maintenance?

Q: Can all purpose cleaner be used on a car interior?

A: Yes, you can use the product inside your car once or twice a year for a thorough clean. For regular maintenance we recommend to use Interior Shampoo. Do not apply to infotainment/sat nav screens.

Q: What should I do if I get All Purpose Cleaner on my screen or dashboard?

A: When using All Purpose Cleaner on your dashboard we recommend applying the product to a cloth and wiping over the area. Avoid use on sat nav screens or infotainment screens. If you should get some overspray on screens, glass or dashboard wipe away with a damp soft cloth immediately. Do not allow to dry.

Q: What does it Clean?

A: It loosens dirt, cleans grime, traffic film, grease, and most interior surface stains like coffee.

Q: Is all purpose cleaner PH neutral?

A: No, All Purpose Cleaner has an alkali pH.

Q: Which products are compatible with All Purpose Cleaner?

A: Hi-tech finishing cloth, Hi-tech Interior cloth, Aquadry.

Q: Is it ok to apply All Purpose Cleaner in any weather conditions?

A: Avoid applying All Purpose Cleaner on very hot days. It is important not to apply the product to hot surfaces or allow the product to dry out on any surfaces.

Q: How long after application should I wait before washing?

A: If you use All Purpose cleaner as a pre-soak, leave the product for maximum of 5 minutes and start washing your car with Polar Wash or other car shampoo.

Q: Is All Purpose cleaner safe on my vehicle?

A: Yes. Any risks associated with the product are if the product is used on a hot surfaces or sensitive surfaces such as infotainment screens.

Q: Is it wax safe?

A: Yes.

Q: Can it be used on convertible hoods?

A: We'd recommend using our Convertible Soft Top Clean and Protect kit for your convertible hood maintenance.

Q: Can I use All Purpose Cleaner on my motorcycle?

A: For best results we'd recommend our Motorcycle Cleaner.

Q: Is All Purpose Cleaner dilutable?

A: No, All Purpose Cleaner is ready to use.

Q: Can I use it through a foamer?

A: No, All Purpose Cleaner has been designed and tested with the trigger provided.

Q: Can I use All Purpose Cleaner on my wheels?

A: Yes, but for specialist wheels such as split rims we recommend our Custom Wheel Cleaner.

Q: Can I use All Purpose Cleaner on matt paint?

A: Yes.