Polar Mitt with storage & washbag

Polar Mitt is ultra-soft & absorbent with fine microfibre cotton strands, leaving a streak free result. Includes a wash & storage bag, Polar Mitt is machine washable, and bag keeps mitt clean whilst drying & in storage. Perfect partner for Polar Wash.

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Polar mitt is made from high quality microfibre cotton with extra fine strands to create the perfect balance between softness and agitation, so you do not leave any scratches on the car and leave a perfect finish. It is a lightweight mitt, even when wet, making washing your car easy. The mitt is very absorbent and creates lots of soap suds for the ultimate efficient wash. The tapered cuff and seam for finger spaces give a great grip, control and fit.

Polar Mitt is machine washable at 40 degrees.

We do advise to wash separately from cloths or sensitive materials.

You can also hand wash Polar Mitt if preferred in cold or warm water.

After washing leave the Polar Mitt in the bag and hang to dry.

The bag will also prevent contamination of the glove whilst stored so you avoid scratches on car with next wash.

Important: Do not use with strong detergents or wheel cleaner.

Q: What material is Polar Mitt made of?
A: Polar Mitt is made of cotton microfibres and polyester split with fine strands and is a lightweight material.

Q: Which products can Polar Mitt be used with?
A: Best in combination with our Polar Wash but can be used with other car shampoo's.

Q: What is the difference between Polar Mitt and you Microfibre Wash Mitt?
A: Polar Mitt is a more premium offering and has been designed to complement the Polar Range. It is manufactured from higher quality materials and  has a finger split to ensure a more secure fit. It is supplied with a wash bag that can also be used for storage.

Q: Is Polar Mitt be cleaned in wash machine?
A: Yes, you can wash Polar Mitt in the wash machine up to 40 degrees celsius

Q: What is best way to wash and store Polar Mitt?
A: We recommend to use the washbag to wash your Polar Mitt in the wash machine, can also be hand washed. The wash bag can also be used as storage bag to keep it clean whilst not in use.

Q: Why does Polar Mitt have a seam in middle of the glove?
A: The seam is there to keep better grip during the washing process. It will give you more grip and control for a better and more efficient car clean.

Q: Does Polar Mitt release colour when I clean it in wash machine?
A: No but always wash separately and without softener.

Q: Can I wash Polar Mitt with cloths?
A: Yes with cloths that have not been used with abrasive (polish) products.

Q: What is the guarantee on Polar Mitt?
A: Standard industry guarantee if applicable. Otherwise no guarantee.

Q: Is Polar Mitt safe to use?
A: Yes, the premium material is very soft and absorbent for a safe and efficient wash that does not leave any scratches to your car