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  1. Car Wash Bucket
    Car Wash Bucket
    Special Price £11.21 Was £14.00

    A 20L capacity, highly durable bucket with a comfortable handle to complete your car care collection.


  2. Grit Guard
    Grit Guard
    Special Price £9.60 Was £12.00

    A highly durable Grit Guard designed to work in conjunction with the Autoglym Car Wash Bucket to lift and trap dirt and debris.  

  3. Hand Sanitiser Gel
    Hand Sanitiser Gel
    Special Price £3.19 Was £4.00

    Hand Sanitiser Gel is our updated Hand Sanitiser formulation, helping you kill viruses, germs and bacteria from hands.

    It offers a quick and easy way to clean your hands when you are on the move.

  4. Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry
    Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry
    Special Price £9.59 Was £11.99

    A super absorbent and hard wearing synthetic chamois that replaces your traditional leather, for use inside and out. 

  5. Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth
    Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth
    Special Price £7.99 Was £10.00

    Perfect for buffing off polish and wax from bodywork, enhancing product performance for the ultimate finish

  6. Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade
    Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade
    Special Price £20.80 Was £25.99

    The fastest way to remove water from a car and is especially useful on larger vehicles with a lot of flat surfaces

  7. Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre
    Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre
    Special Price £7.99 Was £10.00

    Can be used to remove dust or in combination with interior cleaners and dressings

  8. Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel
    Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel
    Special Price £14.39 Was £17.99

    The perfect drying companion, this large super-absorbant drying towel will leave you with bone dry, smear free surfaces. 

  9. Hi-Tech Wheel Brush
    Hi-Tech Wheel Brush
    Special Price £14.39 Was £17.99

    This chemically resistant brush is ideal for cleaning wheels, enabling easy agitation and getting into the corners that brake dust collects in.

  10. InstaDry
    Special Price £11.59 Was £14.50

    A super-absorbent, specially coated microfibre cloth for a quick, streak-free finish on paintwork and glass.

  11. Microfibre Wash Mitt
    Microfibre Wash Mitt
    Special Price £6.79 Was £8.50

    A super-absorbent, microfibre wash mitt designed to lift and trap dirt with ease.  


  12. Perfect Polish Applicator
    Perfect Polish Applicator
    Special Price £7.99 Was £10.00

    Maximum comfort and control for even coverage of polishes and dressings

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