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Air Freshener


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  1. Air-Con Cleaner
    Air-Con Cleaner

    A long lasting treatment to clean air conditioning systems and overcome bad odours

    Special Price £10.50 Regular Price £14.00
  2. Autofresh

    Everyone loves a great smelling car and with Autofresh you get that every time you open the door

    Special Price £5.86 Regular Price £7.80
  3. Odour Eliminator
    Odour Eliminator

    An active formulation that doesn't just mask smells it destroys them, breaking down persistent smells such as nicotine, pets, food or can simply be used freshen your interior

    Special Price £6.76 Regular Price £9.00
  4. Air-Con Sanitiser
    Air-Con Sanitiser

    Kills 99.999% of bacteria leaving a clean & fresh citrus scent.


4 Items

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