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  1. Air-Con Sanitiser
    Air-Con Sanitiser
    Special Price £14.39 Was £17.99

    Certified to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus, Flu, SARs and H1N1), leaving safe air-con and a clean & fresh citrus scent.

  2. Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser
    Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser
    Special Price £5.59 Was £7.00

    Stay safe on every journey with our EN certified all-purpose sanitiser. Effectively destroy harmful contageons with rapid anti-bacterial and anti-viral action.

  3. Anti-Viral Car Fogger 150ml
    Anti-Viral Car Fogger 150ml
    Special Price £10.39 Was £13.00

    Lock and leave fogger kills bacteria & viruses inside vehicles.

  4. Hand Sanitiser Gel
    Hand Sanitiser Gel
    Special Price £3.19 Was £4.00

    Hand Sanitiser Gel is our updated Hand Sanitiser formulation, helping you kill viruses, germs and bacteria from hands.

    It offers a quick and easy way to clean your hands when you are on the move.

  5. Hi-Foam Interior Shampoo
    Hi-Foam Interior Shampoo
    Special Price £8.80 Was £10.99

    High foaming aerosol interior cleaner

  6. Interior Cleaner & Sanitiser
    Interior Cleaner & Sanitiser
    Special Price £8.80 Was £10.99

    Cleans, sanitises and freshens carpets, fabric upholstery, leather and plastics.

  7. Interior Shampoo
    Interior Shampoo
    Special Price £7.60 Was £9.49

    Quickly and easily removes stubborn stains from all interior fabrics and surfaces 

  8. Multi-Purpose Sanitiser Wipes
    Multi-Purpose Sanitiser Wipes
    Special Price £4.79 Was £5.99

    100 Quick drying, general cleaning, disinfectant wipes.

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