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Fords of Winsford Car Supermarket partners Autoglym LifeShine to build loyalty and profit per sale
13 March 2024 236 view(s)
Fords of Winsford Car Supermarket partners Autoglym LifeShine to build loyalty and profit per sale

Fords of Winsford is one of the UK’s most respected car supermarkets, retailing thousands of quality used cars via two sites in Winsford, Cheshire and Trafford, Manchester. The stock mix is very diverse, representing all mainstream brands, and with ages ranging from six months to six years old. The business draws customers from across the North of England, helped by a hard-won reputation for retailing quality cars and offering award-winning standards of service and support.

To enhance the premium-quality purchase and ownership experience, as well as optimise margins from each sale, the company offers a range of value-added products and services at point of sale. After a period of recommending and selling a rival’s surface protection products, Fords of Winsford began a new partnership with Autoglym LifeShine in 2020. The aim was to harness Autoglym’s brand strength. It has been a leader in the car care market since 1965 and to provide customers with a product where the benefits were easier to highlight.

Prior to its adoption of Autoglym LifeShine, Fords of Winsford had a long running relationship with Autoglym through the use its range of Professional products, used to prepare cars for sale and for service washes. This previous positive experience gave Fords of Winsford additional confidence in switching to Autoglym’s surface protection product and in doing so have an end to end Autoglym process for preparing stock for handover.

Summing up the company’s decision to switch to Autoglym LifeShine, Ben Mills, Fords of Winsford’s Marketing Manager, explains: “The Autoglym brand is renowned for quality, and LifeShine really resonates with customers. Autoglym also shares our passion and drive for sustainability. Across all CSI metrics, the Autoglym name is highly rated for quality and service. For us it was a no brainer’’.

“We also took a democratic approach, determining through internal surveys and reports that Autoglym should be our partner of choice. Autoglym’s strong brand identity and reputation, its technical support, and the quality of its products all aligned with our wider objectives.”

Shines and protects

The Autoglym LifeShine protection system consists of a three-part process that applies molecular protective barriers to upholstery, paintwork and glass that can withstand tough dirt and contaminants, ensuring a lifetime of protection and peace of mind for new car owners. Since early 2023, Autoglym LifeShine also features new CeraFuse Technology, LifeShine’s latest and most advanced formula. It combines reactive silicone and molecular bonding to create a durable and resilient ceramic barrier for a flawless shine and superior protection. 

Once the partnership had been agreed, Fords of Winsford’s technicians were trained by Autoglym to confidently and successfully apply LifeShine to vehicles, and sales staff were guided on how best to explain the benefits for customers. This mix of technical and sales-focused training and support is provided on an ongoing basis. 

Mills confirms: “Autoglym continues to identify and address our training requirements, and provides our marketing team with the resources and in-showroom toolkits needed to promote LifeShine effectively. Our sales and customer-facing teams benefit from regular product updates and guidance, so we can maximise conversions.

“A happier, more engaged customer is more likely to recommend us, and return to us to buy again in the future. Autoglym helps us build a rounded customer experience, and their team make the effort to understand and support our overall sales effort.”

Promoting a winning formula

Fords of Winsford promotes Autoglym LifeShine through every stage of the car buying journey, from creating SEO optimised digital content, to developing bespoke videos and sales cards for on-site use. LifeShine is showcased across the company’s social media channels, setting out the benefits for interior, bodywork and glass protection.

A confident new and used car sales team have embraced LifeShine and are maximising its commercial potential and its impact on customer satisfaction. Despite Fords of Winsford being a high-volume business, staff actively make the time to explain what LifeShine offers to sales prospects. The Autoglym brand and end to end solution has an immediate appeal for many customers, as evidenced through the company’s sales analytics. 

Since adopting Autoglym LifeShine in 2020, Fords of Winsford has increased its overall paint protection sales by 11%, contributing to a year-on-year uplift in margin per vehicle transaction of around 10%. In those instances where LifeShine is presented as an option to the customer, the business is now achieving an average conversion rate of 30%, which in 2023 equated to just under 3,000 LifeShine sales.

Fords of Winsford was one of the first partners in the UK to sell the new variant of LifeShine featuring CeraFuse, and the company says its proactive marketing approach with LifeShine helped deliver a 185% uplift in page views on its website (2023 vs 2022).

Through bespoke training and development programmes, Fords of Winsford’s technicians are well versed in the LifeShine application process and the benefits of each stage. Their experience has also been enhanced by using Autoglym Professional products prior to utilising LifeShine. They take pride in their attention to detail and the flawless finish they achieve with each application.

In terms of customer feedback, Mills acknowledges: “Our customers love Autoglym. The name resonates with different generations and the brand is instantly recognisable, whether on our digital platforms or in-store. Autoglym is a name people trust, and that is extremely important for us.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Autoglym LifeShine to other retailers. For us, Autoglym’s personalised approach elevates our offer to the consumer. From marketing to sales and application, Autoglym exceeds all our expectations, and the company has become a valued partner as we push for sustained commercial growth.”

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