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Navigating Winter as a Pro: A Guide for Car Enthusiasts, Valeters, and Detailers

Navigating Winter as a Pro: A Guide for Car Enthusiasts, Valeters, and Detailers
12 December 2023 246 view(s)
Navigating Winter as a Pro: A Guide for Car Enthusiasts, Valeters, and Detailers
As the frost and snow of winter returns to the UK, us car lovers know the struggle of keeping vehicles in top-notch condition during the chilly months. Detailing in the cold requires a special touch, and I've learned a few tricks of the trade to make winter car care a pleasure, not a chore. In this guide, I'll share some personal insights and recommend my go-to products from the Autoglym Professional range to help make working outside in winter at little more comfortable.

  1. Embrace the Warm Water Advantage: Trust me; warm water is your best friend when it's cold outside. Autoglym's Car Shampoo Super Strength is my go-to detergent, ensuring a gentle and effective clean when paired with warm water, without risking any damage. It is important not to use hot water though, as it may cause the shampoo to dry on the car causing streaks - and no one wants that.
  2. Gear Up for Battle: We never compromise when it comes to paintwork protection, so why do we overlook ourselves when it comes to protective gear? My advice is to slip on a pair of breathable waterproof gloves to shield yourself from the cold and wet. Whilst I wouldn't recommend you dunk your gloved hand in the wash bucket, decent working gloves strike the perfect balance between agility and safeguarding your hands from the winter chill, and can make all the difference to a winter work day.
  3. Winter-Ready Threads: When it comes to winter detailing, dressing the part is half the battle. A breathable insulated jacket and trousers may sound like common sense, but the number of guys I see in a hoody and trackie bottoms tells me there are still people to convert. Layering is the key, the last thing you want to do is sweat and get cold, so pop on layers that go on and off easily. Its taken me a few seasons, but my set up keeps me warm and agile, ensuring I can tackle any detailing task that comes my way.
  4. Efficiency is King: Winter days are shorter, so efficiency matters more than ever. Autoglym's Clean All is my secret weapon for a quick pre-wash. It clings, it cleans, and it saves me precious time during the main wash. At the other end of the process, Coat-It takes care of winter protection. The spray on, rinse off coating is suitable for all exterior surfaces, so I really can spray, rinse, and go!
  5. Combatting Ice and Frost: Sometimes the struggle is getting to the first job of the day - dealing with frost and ice is a winter reality. It is no surprise that Autoglym's De-Icer is my quick fix, melting away the icy grip on windows and mirrors without a fuss, ensuring I can get on the road quickly and safely.
  6. Seal the Deal: Winter weather can be harsh on paintwork. Autoglym's UHD Wax forms a protective shield against the elements, safeguarding a vehicle's shine from the onslaught of winter weather and road salts. Ideally you'll get a coat of this on the car in Autumn, the 6 month durability will easily see you through to spring, where you can pop another layer on when it warms up a bit. If you need to add protection over winter the aforementioned Coat-It is my go to, or Express Wax if I'm craving the scent of banana.
  7. Mastering the Art of Drying: Drip-drying in the cold? No thanks. Autoglym's InstaDry is my weapon of choice, ensuring a quick and effective dry. Then its back in the van with the blowers on full and the heated seat set to cook.
Surviving winter as a car enthusiast, valeter, or detailer is no easy feat, but with a bit of experience and the right products from Autoglym's professional range, you can confidently face the challenges that the colder months bring. Stay warm, stay efficient, and keep those cars gleaming – even in the depths of winter. Autoglym has your back! UPDATE I asked the members of the Autoglym Users Group for their top tips and these are some of my favorites...

  • Waterproof socks - Rob King
  • Salt! Loads of grit salt to put down round cars your cleaning for the old health and safety! Even if it’s not frozen at time of valet this time of year you’ll be lucky to see any evaporation and those potential little puddles don’t become a hazard! - Fred Russel
  • Heated socks - Daniel Gibbons
  • Vinyl and Rubber Care on the rubber seals to stop them sticking, for you and the customer you're working on. - Stewart Campbell
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